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And Don’t Get Me Started on Consumer Protection Laws!

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For your delectation, from a department store “Right to Opt Out and Information Update” which I just received, to wit: “16. Default/Collection Costs: If we fail to receive any Minimum Payment Due, if you declare bankruptcy, or if you die, it will be a default, and…..we may declare the entire unpaid balance in the Account due and payable.”

So if it’s true that you can’t take it with you, are they still able to come after you and demand it back, even if you Still don’t have it?!?

And if that’s not sufficient, I checked my statements for another card for the last three months and found that, with the recent interest rate increase on my account (and I was also offered the right to pay off the account in full and opt out there), and projecting out the actual dollar amount for a year, Capital One is now officially taking six weeks’ worth of groceries off of my table. When I called in an attempt to negotiate a decrease, the nice gentleman in Sri Lanka, or Singapore or wherever, listened and then told me, pretty much, that they’re So sorry but they can’t help me. Maybe if I apply for TARP money…………

Thought for the Day: Illegitimi non carborundum (Latin for Don’t Let the Bastards Grind you Down)8-s-p-ja-br-aut-c_edited-1_small1

Author: Melody J Haislip

I'm either a transplanted East Coaster or a born again West Coaster. My heart kept pulling me toward Oregon, and when I followed it I found my dream, which I am living daily. My dream of becoming a writer has come true as well. I am in the company of people who speak my language, and the sense of community is healing hurts I didn't know were there. I am very grateful for my enormous good fortune.

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