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A Gift from the Universe

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Yesterday my son and I cooked a batch of food. I baked a chicken and he roasted a bunch of vegetables, all with the intention of using the chicken carcass and the leftover veggies in one of his incredible soups. I had a couple of ears of corn I wanted to cook, too, so I shucked and rinsed them and was trimming the ends when suddenly, out popped a caterpillar from among the greens. Now, I had bought the corn on Sunday at the farmer’s market one block from my front door (eat your heart out, East Coasters), and it had been in the fridge for a few days, so I thought he was a goner. I was just getting ready to consign him to the garbage disposal when he started uncurling. It took him a while, but after he warmed up he started raising his little head up and looking around, and then he started crawling. I have two cats that would love to add a little protein to their diets, so I decided I’d take him outside and put him among the roses. Any creature who can survive what he did deserves another chance.

I put him on a piece of paper and headed out. Down the hallway, down the elevator and then another hallway. The poor little guy was so scared he was leaving a little trail of poo across the paper. So we got to the door and my friend, Sofia, who happened along just then, opened it for me. I deposited him tenderly (all right, I pushed him off the paper) and left him among the roses. btw, I checked later and he was gone, so I’m assuming a happy ending.

On my way back toward the elevator, I was feeling pretty good and greeted the lady walking toward me with a big smile. She was carrying a brown paper bag, and as she came closer she said, “Would you like some sheets? They’re queen-sized but they don’t fit my bed.” I thanked her and accepted a set of brand new, beautiful sheets, which will look lovely on my bed. To elaborate a little here, in my apartment building we have a habit of leaving things, like the sheets, that are still good but for some reason we don’t need any more, in the mailroom. Whatever is there is up for grabs, and I have both taken (my vacuum, for Pete’s sake) and left (a too-small crockpot, some knickknacks) things.

All of this to say that, had I not rescued the little green caterpillar, I wouldn’t have my new sheets. Thank you, Universe!

Thought for the Day: Look around you every day for the “small” miracles.

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While I’m thinking About It

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama
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Hello, again. I’ve been off investigating life for a while. This morning I turned on the TV in time to hit President Obama’s speech and the signing of the Vets’ Bill, as he had promised, paying a year in advance, and all done using available money. It’s so evocative of the scene in the film “Dave”, with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver, where the villain (the masterful Frank Langella) tells Dave that if he can find the money for the day care center he can have it, and Dave brings in his brother-in-law, the accountant, who helps him pull it off. And then there are the undeniable sparks between the POTUS and the FLOTUS, who also seem (gasp) to like and respect each other, and who complement each other so well. First Families who are also demonstrably human beings are so much easier to get behind. And were it to come right down to it, I believe, as did Ving Rhames’ character of Dave, that yes, I would take a b****t for Mr. Obama. (Of course, I rather visualize myself meeting him and Mrs. Obama at some glitzy affair, which I’ve attended dressed to the nines!)

Thought for the Day: It is not the thing that occurs that upsets you; it is the way you choose to respond.

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