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One of My Favorite Small Miracles

Replica of Faberge egg.
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Shortly before Christmas two years ago, I was taken tree shopping by my friend, Rick. He and his wife, my dear friend, Sandi, had bought their tree there the day before. It was a Christmas tree farm, so off we went, saw in (his) hand, to find the perfect one. It didn’t take long before I found it, and while Rick was chopping away, I wandered around, mentally decorating my tree.

A flash of brilliance caught my eye and I moved toward it, focusing on the spot where I’d seen the light. I stooped down and saw that someone had sawed down another tree, quite close to the ground, and the stump had coated its wounds in a concentric circle of sap, which then dried to a perfect, translucent amber. And there it was, lovely as any Faberge egg, lying humbly in the dirt and only revealed by a “chance” beam of sunlight and my glance in that direction.

Thought for the Day: Be careful what you say; the Universe is always listening, and it has a sense of humor even quirkier than mine.

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Reno that Dark Place — in One Hour and Free!

Wind chimes made of coloured glass.
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That’s a pretty promise, but what kind of renovation could you do in only one hour? Well, let me tell you what inspires this rather lofty claim. About a year ago a dear friend of mine made a comment about going to his “dark place”. It made me think about my own dark place, and I decided that a makeover was long overdue.

I started (in my mind) with a space not unlike my own loft, and I emptied it to the walls, swept out and knocked down all the cobwebs, and tried not to look too closely at the dustpan once it was filled. I disposed of all the boxes that had been stacked in front of the windows, scrubbed those windows till they gleamed and flung them open to a perfect late afternoon. A lovely cool wind blew through and displaced all the stale air, perfuming the rest with the scents of flowers and spices, with just a hint of the sea and a strong note of old hardwood forest.

Next I applied a coat of soft white paint, and hung diaphanous draperies in shades of super white, cream, palest lemon chiffon and a sharp touch of bright lemon here and there. I added large puffy pillows and placed small love seats and divans, with more draperies and candles and wind chimes and with flowers everywhere. Scattered about, hanging from the ceiling, in tiny alcoves, I placed small lovely things in crystal and glass, with touches of brilliant, coruscating color wherever the eye should touch. I framed and supported and caressed it all with the kind of music that is my favorite form of “soul food”. Last but far from least, I filled the air with a certain purity to lift the spirits, like removing a heavy rock from the center of your chest so you can breathe again.

(Due to the fact that this place exists only in my head, I have no pictures to download, but if you’ve followed me closely through the reno, you should be able to create a similar place, tailored to your own specifications. It takes almost no time, costs nothing and has only one drawback that I’ve been able to find. And that is, now that my dark place is gone, I have absolutely no place to hold my pity parties.)

Thought for the Day: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When it gives you two tickets to the islands, call me.

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