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Grace Upon Grace

Small tomatoes in Korea
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In accordance with my plan to live in the now, I’m always on the watch for unexpected little moments of beauty. You’d be surprised to know how many times my patience and vigilance have been rewarded. Today there was one such moment.

I needed to go to the store for kitty litter, no errand more prosaic. But when I glanced at the clock I realized I’d not had lunch and I know “they” say you shouldn’t go hungry. A little bite, along with some orange juice, should do the trick. I pulled a roast chicken out of the fridge and detached a wing. I popped that in the microwave, meanwhile quartering two cherry tomatoes. Just enough to take the edge off, but not enough to spoil a small, late lunch. The microwave dinged, I removed the saucer, turned to the counter behind me to set it down, added the tomatoes and Suddenly, the sun burst through the gray clouds and drenched my tiny meal in warm afternoon light. The reds of the plate and the tomatoes flamed, and the wing of the fowl glistened golden in its juices. I ate my snack standing at the kitchen counter, with the flooding sunshine enhancing and blessing my food, and it was beautifully delicious. Five minutes sooner, or later, and my little miracle would have occurred unnoticed. What a lovely gift. It made my day.

Thought for the Day:   When you start your day anticipating miracles and blessings, the Universe provides.

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My Favorite Mnemonic

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In July of 1988, I attended a consciousness-raising seminar in Snowmass, CO, hosted by Dr. Jonathan Parker .  There were just over a hundred attendees in all, from all over the country, and I had arranged beforehand to share a gorgeous three-story condo with all the amenities, including a sort of great room/living room/dining room with a fireplace that faced in both directions.

All three of my condo mates were charming ladies, and since we were there for a common purpose we found plenty to talk about.  I hit it off especially well with Barbara (who lived on Rainbow Avenue in Denver).  She invited me to cancel my flight from Aspen to Denver and drive back with her.  This would give me a chance to see more of Colorado at ground level, and she would then deliver me straight to the airport, where I’d pick up my flight to Dulles.

I accepted eagerly  The route from Snowmass to Denver passed through breathtakingly beautiful scenery.  I took lots of photos, and even got one of a prairie dog sitting up on top of a concrete highway divider.  I can’t imagine how he got up there, but he was comfortably ensconced and watching the cars go by.  I waved to him, but I guess he didn’t see me.

Barbara and I talked most of the way back, sharing our experiences at the seminar (another story entirely) and exchanging life stories.  She regaled me with a tale about a friend who had decided she wanted a memory aid to remind her that God loved her.  For some reason she picked for her symbol a Yellow Volkswagen Beetle (YVB), of all things.  That struck me as sweet and practical at the same time, and I adopted her idea on the spot.

Since VW had discontinued the Beetle about ten years before, yellow ones, or any other for that matter, were kind of thin on the ground.  Then in 1998 the new VW Beetle was introduced, and I was in business again, spiritually speaking.  Yellow is a very popular color, so I get plenty of reminders.  I had to laugh at myself, though, because as much as I like to think of myself as a wordsmith/dictionary freak, I had to look up the word “mnemonic” three or four times before I could fix its meaning in my mind.  Duh!

Recently I was recounting this story to a friend as we were out running errands.  I had noticed and been reminded by a YVB sighting.  The best part was that, as I was finishing the story, she made a left turn and, coming toward us, was a Yellow Volkswagen Beetle!  Coincidence?  We think not.  Bwahahaha!

Thought for the Day:  “In the midst of life…..”   Please pray for the repose of the soul of my friend, LaVerne D. Miller.

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