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Am I Getting Too Picky?


The Rachel Maddow Show (TV series)
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I was watching the Rachel Maddow show the other evening, and I’d just like to say that  I feel she has done the best and most intensively researched work on this story of all the media folk. She presented a graph of BP’s profits over the last three years, a total of $58.5 Billion. In this same time period, BP spent $29 Million on research into safer methods of deep drilling. As for research into methods of coping with a deep-water oil spill, the amount spent was ZERO Dollars. Maybe it’s just me, but does this seem just a teeny bit disproportionate? Perhaps spending more on research would have cut too deeply into their profits? After all, what’s a poor corporation to do? There’s always that pesky bottom line to consider. No wonder that BP CEO Tony Hayward would like to “have my life back”. I bet he’s worn out from remembering all the different stories he’s told.

Well, I just did the math, and if BP had spent just One Percent of its profits for this vital research, it would have devoted $585 Million to the task. One-Half Percent would still have been $292.5 Million, and One-Quarter Percent would have been a paltry $144.25 Million, probably less than the oil lobbyists spent over those three years in bribes to lawmakers. Oops, did I say that out loud? I’m almost certain I meant to say political donations. We could check with any number of Senators or Congressmen as to the exact difference. I’m sure they could tell us.

This whole situation, more so than 9/11 and Katrina put together, has pointed out how little the very survival of humans as a species means to some people, who have apparently been blinded by their insane greed. When we have finished fouling the waters and killing all the fish, birds and animals, when we have sickened the earth and the air with our poisons, how will we live then? Will we eat our gold and drink our oil? I can only pray that our sheer instinct to survive will prevail while there’s still time.

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Author: Melody J Haislip

I'm either a transplanted East Coaster or a born again West Coaster. My heart kept pulling me toward Oregon, and when I followed it I found my dream, which I am living daily. My dream of becoming a writer has come true as well. I am in the company of people who speak my language, and the sense of community is healing hurts I didn't know were there. I am very grateful for my enormous good fortune.

13 thoughts on “Am I Getting Too Picky?

  1. nice article … I can believe that this effects all the oil companies not just BP…


  2. Amen and bravo, Melody! Period.


  3. I think then need to cough up a lot more money for the Gulf States and the environment.


  4. Thank you, ladies. Yes, Beth, they’re all greedy and completely without respect for our environment and our very way of life. I’m a positive person, but my spirit quails when I think of the far-reaching consequences of this catastrophe. This would be a good time for a miracle! I believe in miracles.


  5. Saw your post on BC. I saw Rachel, too and Keith. Please take a look at my post: I CAN”T stop thinking of the oily egret dying. I really fear that it will never stop, and we will lose most of the planet: DRILL, BABY, DRILL! I’m going to post the video of R. Kennedy Jr. on Keith’s show; he really laid all the issues out legally, and the comparison to what Exxon did–and didn’t do.
    We are obviously on the same page politically. Actually, Rachel is from this area, and still lives in Northhampton, I think. She went to Smith, I’m a Hampshire grad, if you know that area.
    I’d love it if you could give me an opinion–my blog is personal. I’m working on 3 others; feel free to look at
    What’s funny is I wrote my last 3 or 4 posts BEFORE I saw our iconic heroes on TV. Guess I’m kinda picky myself.
    Sweet tides,


  6. She is brilliant and so attractive, engaging. She would be such a good dinner guest.


  7. I’m a big Rachel Maddow fan. Her show is always entertaining and educational. I guess the results of your research didn’t surprise me. As long as there is greed and hunger for power, trouble won’t be far behind.


  8. She comes home on the weekends. I had heard she was going to be in the Northampton Gay Pride Parade, but that may have already happened. I have to catch up with her videos from Afghanistan.
    I love that she’s a nerd. She’s totally responsible for creating the Iraqi baseball team. Something I’ve picked up from her: “Really?” It’s such a good response.
    Melody, you are being optimistic. Even if BP spent the research money, if the scientists said it’s too dangerous, they would ignore them, destroy their careers, turn them into pariahs. Just like Monsanto did with GM crops. Monsanto wants to own all food. Really? You think you have that right? Really?
    Great post.. Sweet tides, Linda


  9. Melody: I’m sorry, I’ve got to update my links. I couldn’t find you on BC, even though I know you are there.
    In any case, BP has a YouTube channel, ostensibly to make us feel like ‘we feel your pain.’ It’s got one star, and I bet that’s from employees. I say we vent a little. They are also on Facebook and Twitter. Just do a search, because while there is a steady stream of anger, there’s a lot of spoofs, too. I’m not in a laughing mood, but face, they are greedy clowns.
    Just an idea. I’m going to read your other posts today. Take care, and de-pressurize yourself. In the interest of self-preservation, I really need my head, and I can’t let it pop, because I know that’s how it feels.
    May you always swim in (clean)
    Sweet Tides, Linda


  10. I admit I have never heard of Rachel Maddow but I have seen a lot of coverage on the oil spill. I saw something yesterday which made me tingle with joy.
    Volunteers on the Gulf Coast in Florida have dug up 70,000 turtle eggs due to hatch next week. They placed them in special incubators and once hatched, will release then further up the Atlantic Coast away from the spill.
    It is in times of greatest adversity that true human compassion, courage and love shines.

    Like the new blog design by the way.


  11. Oh, ladygoodwood, that warms my heart! Last week, I was dreaming of watching turtles hatch on the beach. I’ve decided I have to go to Turtle Bay, and my partner is willing to take me, when I’m better.
    I believe in miracles. I’ve read the Course on Miracles a few times. Very heavy.
    Melody, I also like the look of your site. We almost use the same color! Sweet, clean tides, Linda


  12. Thanks for sharing your latest story of Murphy. The last line discussing your counseling together was quite a purrrrfect touch. 🙂


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