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Now That’s Shameless Self Promotion


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I have been asked, nay begged, by some of my adoring fans, to give you an example of how I have grown as a blogger, since September 5, 2009, a day which will inevitably find its way into the history books. Looking back at the phosphorescent trail of my ascent, I too am rather astounded by my meteoric rise to fame. By my first, tentative baby steps into the dangerous, treacherous arena that is the world of blogging. Lovely Lady Luck must have been with me, because my very naivte, instead of being my undoing, simply cast a golden glow all around me so that I became invisible to my enemies (those too fearful or evil to fall under my spell). Being born under a lucky star helps, too.

If you don’t believe it’s true, think back. Honestly now, how many of you date the true beginning of your life to the day you first read one of my posts? See how easy that was? Now, I would never ask anyone for money, even though I have a PenPal account, as who doesn’t these days? It’s the new banking. It’s just good to know these things about your friends. It gives you a warm, comforting feeling, just as reading my writing makes you feel comforted. So if gratitude should ever overflow your heart, you’ll be prepared to share with me as I have shared with you. (click on the link provided)

Now as you prepare to read my rather childlike first blog post, forgive my inexperience and consider how I have grown as a writer in less than a year. You, too, could make enormous strides in both your personal growth and your advancement as a writer, and I will be happy to guide you, even though it places huge demands on my personal time and skills. But read on, and I’m sure you will be impressed. And now with no further ado, I present:

“My Firt Reel Blofg

Hi, this is mye first blovg I am riting for myshelf.  My freind hepled mee do the other pots, but eye wanted two dew one frum skrach.   She sed, ru shure, and eye sed yes, Im going to rite it by mye ownself; ewe r not the bos of me, so heer it is.  Not mush going on twoday, butt remmember, ewe herd itt first rigth hear!”

(first published September 5, 2009)

Do I hear snickers from the audience? Yes, Dear Reader, it is amusing, but let your laughter be gentle; consider how this writer has grown. Will you follow in her footsteps? The choice is yours. The blog you save may be your own.

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Author: Melody J Haislip

I'm either a transplanted East Coaster or a born again West Coaster. My heart kept pulling me toward Oregon, and when I followed it I found my dream, which I am living daily. My dream of becoming a writer has come true as well. I am in the company of people who speak my language, and the sense of community is healing hurts I didn't know were there. I am very grateful for my enormous good fortune.

23 thoughts on “Now That’s Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Melody: Just think how many posts I’ve left in the past few days. First, I loved the writing of this one. Secondly, you are responsible for an upgrade on BlogCatalog: I went from 34.5 down to 27.5 just two weeks ago. So many people in one day came, including you. Now it’s 49.5, and your post made a difference to me. I saw the video of that oil-soaked egret, trying to peck his way into the boat. That will be in my mind for the rest of my life. And YOU inspired me! Even though I’m feeling poorly, it’s more important to read and respond to your posts and other friends that visited my blog.
    I do find the post amusing, but the writing is really top notch. Keep it up!
    and I see your modesty, but you should really feel good about yourself. I have a post about Development of Self, a South African Lawyer that I met back in the old days. How do you deal with it? He told me, ‘Start with one.” A movie was made about him. So feel good that you are really helping this ONE. Linda


  2. Linda, first, I’m honored that you feel I’ve been helpful in some way, and secondly, I know just what you mean. Those pictures are seared indelibly into my mind and my heart, for as long as I live.

    I went to your blog but didn’t see the post you mention. I did see lots of other interesting stuff as well. I love scifi. I read “Dune” when it was a serial in an old pulp magazine (but don’t let that get out, lol). Just last night I found an old “Babylon5” movie. You talk about a show, it was wonderful, and it had the best battle scene ever written…ever. And don’t get me started on Lost. I wrote a review on BlogCatalog Community Blog, after watching all 120 episodes in 12 days. I was Drunk on “Lost”. Hmmm, how did I stray here?

    I’ll be back to visit, but right now I’m going to power down for a while. I’m hungry. Thank you again for your lovely messagae.


  3. That’s some fantastic writing you’ve got here. I love your sense of humor and playful attitude. Your posts are a pleasure to read. Thank you for befriending me on BlogCatalog. I see I’m going to have to come back here often, because unlike so many others, you actually have things to say, and are articulate.

    Basically, you rock. 🙂

    Keep writing.



  4. Dear Miss Articulate,

    My how you have advanced in your writing exploits and I am so happy to have found you! You are the epitome of how a blogger can emerge from their shell and claim with two hands, what was there to be owned. Your blog is almost as lovely as you. Please continue to regale us with your stories, for I find them entertaining as well as moving.

    “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!”


  5. @Theresa111 You don’t think it was a little over the top? I try to retain my modesty but it’s hard sometimes when I look down from my pedestal and see all the smiling faces. I will never forget all you little people who helped make me a star. (Sounds of hysterical laughter. I’m always my own best audience!)

    Seriously, thanks for the kind words. I love your blog, too. I think I’ve gained 12 pounds simply by looking at the food pix. Tell your friend, Bobby, I said “meow”.


  6. Melody, you have provided so many of us with inspiration and more than a few good laughs. You have a wonderful openness about your feelings and you share them articulately. It is that personal quality which you allow to shine through your writing that touches us all. Keep on keepin’ on. You have developed a true following.


  7. Cher, thank you. It’s my overdeveloped sense of the ridiculous. I find humor in so many things, not least among them being myself. That’s good, since I have so many opportunities to laugh at myself. I appreciate your comments and your friendship. Thank you for being the lovely person and good writer that you are.


  8. This isn’t shameless, because even if you don’t self-promote, you earn it to the top. This is my first visit and i like what I read. Thank you for looking into mine earlier. Have a nice day!


  9. Hah! Reminds me of my first days blogging and meteoric rise 🙂


  10. @Bob Geller Ah, yes, those were the good old days – a few months ago! I’m going to try and put a smiley face 🙂 here, but mine doesn’t seem to convert, so if it doesn’t happen, you’ll know. Isn’t this fun?


  11. `Melody: Finally, I put your feed on my blog, so your last 5 posts show up. I’m also adding you to the links list. If there’s something you want to say to use for the link (If you look at the link lists, I write something about it, and when you click on it, you see the address. Both what I write and URL should come up together but they don’t.) In any case, the feed is in place for wordpress & other people. Now I need a reader as well, but I’ve got serious maintenance to do. So I’ll be back in a few days. Chin up! Sweet, clean tides, Linda P.S. I feel like I can’t use that sign-off anymore.


    • Linda, thanks. I’m still learning the language you’re speaking here, so I’ll try to do some of the same things you mention. I may need help here. In real life I’m a blonde, which should explain quite a lot.


  12. I am just a baby at this blogging. Learning is fun. I hope I too will look back one day. I added you as one of my favorites. Stop by any comments appreciated.


    • My sister has tried for years to get me started and she’s now as proud of me as a hen with one chick, because I finally got off my duff and got started. And yes, it’s fun. As I mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes I feel like I’m flying. Don’t think I could stop now if I wanted, which I don’t. It’s like finding a whole new world and bunches of new friends and acquaintances. Runway clear for takeoff! Thanks for the add.



    The BlogCatalog Listing on the story about the South African Lawyer.
    Also, a new post about “the Last Enemy”; that’s the most recent post. Have to crash now; I will try this weekend to catch up with your posts. AND THE”OIL SPRING” IS DEAD, WE HOPE!
    Sweet tides, Linda


  14. I am astounded at your restoration from dyslexia – why this is the cure! In just one year, Miss Melody has learned to get her letters round the right way and make sentences and fings.. (well most of the time) 🙂

    Lovely post.

    Smiles and blessings.


  15. @ladygoodwood I had no idea last September, when I was fooling around with this, that it would come in so handy. I had a lot of fun with it. It came right after a really serious story, and I was serioused out at that time. Thank you, and I wish you the same.


  16. Melody, you are an awesome blogger and now you have been “Exposed”! Congrats and keep those great posts coming!


  17. Your last email really was an honor. Thank you. And lots more coming. Even though I loved sewing, crochet, etc. I have not spent my life that way. My mother said, Youth is wasted on the young. I understood what she means, but I interpreted it as “Don’t waste a minute.” No regrets. Thanks again! Sweet tides, Linda


  18. I feel a little bit sad that I missed your blog before now. I see you learned how to write real, real good. I am still learnin’. I am going to subscribe to your bloggie!


    • Well, Daisy, I have been a loyal fan of yours for a long, long time in kitty years. My boyz, Max and Murphy, think you’re really pretty. I think you write very well. Say hi to your Mommeh for me. 🙂


  19. Aw, yes. And, now your blogging career has yet taken another step forward. Congrats again. You have inspired me to keep doing what I love doing. Cheers to you.


    • Jill, thank you so much. I’m still floating on air. I feel like the luckiest woman, yada yada yada! So nice to know we have this in common. I’ll be visiting you soon. Isn’t writing wonderful?


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