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Fifty Thousand Thoughts a Day

Angel in the blue distance.

A luscious bloom of warmth

Envelopes my whole being.

The heated rush of feeling

Leaves me breathless and amazed…

And in the far blue distance

Are those truly angels I hear singing?

What is this place and tell me

How it is I’ve strayed

Into this strange new landscape

That inhabits me. That leaves me

Weak yet oddly unafraid.

Then suddenly there comes a hush,

As if the whole wide world

Has ceased to breathe.

And just as suddenly it begins again,

Leaving me to ponder, and to

Wonder which of the puzzle pieces

I have just received.



Memories Of My Mother

Mother and child

Mother and child

I remembered my mother so vividly just now,

As I zipped up the front of my long green robe.

A gift from her one merry Christmas morning,

I remember how I loved the color, its depth,

The feel of the velvet soft between my hands,

Though no softer than the cheek I kissed in thanks.

I remember her weekend visits.

We would rise whenever we pleased, and

I would fix her eggs just the way she liked them.

Later we would linger over coffee and our

Favorite board game, “Upwords”. She would

Make up words, insisting that I look them up in my

Ginormous dictionary, and we would laugh when

Sometimes she was right, and she would laugh

At all my silly jokes and we were happy as

We sat in our pretty robes and sipped our cooling

Drinks and enjoyed each other’s company.

As these memories come flooding back,

I embrace them, with all of their

Pain and joy, and wrapping my arms

Around myself I am, for a moment,

Clasped in my mother’s arms once more.

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Charlotte (Snooki) Brontë Ditches Rehab Again

Apparently even famous writers are susceptible to the whims of fame.

Caught between trips to rehab.

Wednesday, February 2, 1840. This just in: Paparazzi, who have been staking out the Elizabeth Fordyce Clinic for Troublesome Young Women in the hope of catching a glimpse of Snooki Brontë, were rewarded by the sight of a cloaked and hooded figure being ushered away from the clinic by her publisher. Since this is in direct violation of the judge’s orders, her freedom can probably be counted in hours. It is expected that Snooki will make the most of her time on the loose. The trip from the front door of the facility to her carriage was marred by several stumbles, but she recovered and was able to make it up the steps with the aid of her maid, who had accompanied her into rehab.

Friends, who had arranged an intervention for Snooki and pleaded with her to seek help, could not be reached for comment. One unidentified source, upon being promised anonymity, said that Snooki had been “A real handful. Always after her visitors to supply her with smuggled smelling salts and begging sips from their flasks. And she could turn really ugly if denied her little ‘treats’.” Efforts to gain further information have been thwarted by clinic personnel, although another inmate was heard to mutter, “Good riddance to the little witch,” or at least that’s what we think he said.

Obviously Snooki had done little to endear herself to her fellow sufferers, who were pretty tired of hearing about “Jane Eyre” this and “Jane Eyre” that. “Resting on her laurels is what she is,” was the opinion of another. “She hasn’t written a word in years and may never again. Just lucky that folks liked it. It was a scandalous book!”

Well, we’re off to the clubs where Snooki can most likely be found, perhaps doing an intimate gavotte with one of her low companions. We’re certain there will be ankles aplenty on view once she starts on the Madeira. Stay tuned for further up-to-the-moment bulletins as Snooki riots through London once more!

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