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Chilly With April Showers

Blue sky with daisies.

Blue sky with daisies.

Spring came with little fanfare this year,

Rather like a shifty salesman,

Oozing in and out of town, before people

Noticed the shoddiness of his wares.

Coaxed out of hiding, not by sunlight

But by the dictates of biology,

The blossoms opened quietly and just as

Quietly fell to the rain-sodden ground,

As we huddled inside our steel and

Concrete walls, hiding from the never-ending

Rain and gloomy-skied days of our lives.

It doesn’t feel like Spring, at least not any

Spring I’ve known before, and the absence

Of sunshine and birdsong is strangely ominous.

This day began with the illusion of light and hope

But now the color and the promise drain away.

Leaving me restless and unsatisfied

And starving for the color blue.


Cool Magic

Chasing Fireflies

Chasing Fireflies

I took a walk by myself last night,

Down by the firefly wood,

And it made me believe in magic again.

It transfixed me where I stood.

And if you’d restore your faith, my friend,

In wonders and marvels and good,

Then take a walk with me tonight,

Down to the firefly wood.

I’ve never seen anything like it,

I don’t think that anyone could,

Believe without seeing the beauty I’ve seen,

Down by the firefly wood.

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