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In Pursuit of Joy


Sometimes joy looks like a lemon meringue pie.

I remember watching as my baby’s eyes followed with rapt fascination the movement of two exotic creatures, waving in his line of sight and ending in his tiny starfish fingers. He didn’t know they were his, or that he was moving them. He was simply delighted to see them, smiling with joy and sharing it with me. “Isn’t this wonderful?” his expression seemed to say.

Babies and young children retain for a while their connection to the Light from which they came and to which they will return. I remember it so well, and I ask myself when I last had a moment like that.

Once when my son was less than two, we were stopped at a light on our way home from the sitter’s house. He leaned forward and looked up toward the sky. He had such an air of intensity that I asked him quietly, “What do you see, sweetheart?” and he replied, “God”. The light changed and I drove on, but I’m bright enough to recognize a teaching moment, and I was willing to learn. Looking back, I can see that he taught me as much as I taught him.

Moments like these are why, when I am feeling joyful, I absolutely revel in the feeling and try to make it last as long as I can. My goal is to find a way to live my life with as much joy as I am able, especially on a day like today, when life is tossing me challenges. In fact, I’m going to take my lemons and make, not lemonade, but lemon meringue pie! Or failing that a big pot of my famous meat sauce and angel hair pasta. I feel better already!

Author: Melody J Haislip

Born in a small, Illinois log cabin . . . No, that won’t work. The pampered only child of incredibly wealthy parents . . . No, that won’t fly either. Raised by French nuns after her aristocratic parents were beheaded . . . No, that’s been done! Got it: An East Coast transplant to the Pacific Northwest, this notoriously late bloomer began her new life with a new career as a writer and blogger. She has taken to both the new location and the career move like a duck to water. Writing is a new adventure, and our intrepid risk-taker is diving in, feeling right at home and making new friends. Reached for comment, she replied, “Okay, I wrote my bio, now may I Please go out and play?” We expect great, or perhaps merely more coherent, things from this writer. (Okay, that’s a wrap. What a wacko!)

13 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Joy

  1. Joy is God. 🙂 Absolutely wonderful teaching moment no doubt. And famous meat sauce eh? Hm interesting hahh


  2. Ahh that’s so wonderful Melody! I totally didn’t expect your son to say that. I can only imagine how intense it was at that time and probably still is. Simply Wonderful.

    Now I want some pie or pasta…or both. I need to go to the kitchen!!



    • Isn’t it, TJ. I certainly wasn’t expecting it either. What do they say, “Out of the mouths of babes”, and “A little child shall lead them”. Kids are born knowing things that their parents have likely forgotten and need to relearn. I can still remember his expression.


      • Yes, exactly. Grown-ups tend to forget a lot and tend to look only with their minds and end up not really “seeing” their surroundings. I wonder when this actually happens. I try to keep as much of my inner child alive, daily responsibilities can make it difficult though. But it’s all how you look at things in life huh? Like you said, “nothing for granted”

        Let’s dance 😀


      • TJ, you read my mind! Let’s dance, indeed, and laugh and sing and act silly and just enjoy life!


  3. Love it. Way to appreciate Melody. 🙂


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  6. Melody,

    I can imagine the look on his face, too. He was a bundle of joy. I agree about the lessons the innocent can impart, without batting an eyelash. We are so fortunate to have so much of God everywhere we look.

    I bet that LMPie tasted absolutely grand. I’ve had your spaghetti and I love, love, love it … Just like I love you. Hang in there sports fan!


    • His name means ‘gift of God’. Could anything be more appropriate? Remember the picture taken in the nursery, with that shaft of light shining on him? He has been the best gift I ever received. Love you, too, Theresa!


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