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Dark Mystery

angels-dark-thick-forest-wallpaperThere’s a thing
I’ve noticed
About beauty ~
It seems the
Moment beauty
Is observed ~
It starts to fade ~

Perhaps it cannot
Withstand ~
The pitiless and
Unending scrutiny ~
Of those who would
Possess it ~
Sully it with
Their greedy hands ~
Their lustful eyes ~

Or perhaps it is
As a wise man said ~
That familiarity
Breeds contempt ~

Maybe it is
Something in our
Human nature ~
That causes us to
Look for flaws ~

Or perhaps we are
Simply grown jaded ~
And must be
Forever on the hunt
For something newer ~
More exciting ~

Or mayhap it is
Simply that there
Is that in us ~
Which would see
Beauty ~
Brought down ~



The Singularity PansiesIt’s eighteen minutes
Till December ~
The street lights
Sparkle down ~
On the rain-wet
Pavement ~ and
I fear that it will
Wash away
The sidewalk art ~
Where leaves have
Left their images ~
Imprinted on the
Unforgiving concrete ~

The water overruns
The gutters
As I watch ~ and
Hapless pansies
Are drowned
In the flood ~
Their bodies
Strewn like victims
Of a mass
Extinction ~
Or of a singularity ~
The symbol
In astronomy of
A black hole ~

And I marvel ~
At how even
Rain and flowers ~
Follow the laws
Of the Universe ~

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