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Secret Place

mondaymeme2013-10-28Was it a shelter
Or a shrine ~
Perhaps a
Landmark ~
Or a clue ~
Left as a subtle
Reminder ~

I probably will
Never know ~
But I’ll remember ~


A Picture Perfect Day

I Wonder Where This Leads

I Wonder Where This Leads

The trees are restless
In the tumultuous air ~
And many of the
Early-turning leaves ~
Have let go of the
Safety of their moorings
To follow their
Tormentor ~

People pass by on
The sidewalks below
Their shoulders hunched
Against the icy air ~
Scarved and gloved
And booted ~ and
Ready for the cold ~

The sky is alive
With birds today ~
They land for a
Moment’s respite ~
Then they’re off again
In a southerly direction ~
I’ve seen more birds
In the last few days
Than I’ve seen all year ~

The daylight fades
Earlier each evening ~
And every sunrise is
A bit more laggardly ~
The leaves have turned
Overnight ~ or so
It seems ~ but today

The sky is a brilliant
Blue ~ not a
Cloud in sight ~
It’s a blessing of a day ~
The perfect day for
A walk ~ rustling and
Crushing the brittle leaves ~

It’s a glorious day
To be alive ~