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Ending the Fairy Tale

forlovers3I stand as if transfixed ~
The power of speech
Has left me ~
Is it fear I feel ~ or is it
More anticipation ~

Subconsciously I knew
Of course ~ that I was
On a risky path ~
Perhaps that’s why the
House called out to me
So strongly ~

And now I hear the
House’s heartbeat ~
Or is it mine ~
Deep silence has blocked out
All other sound ~
And as the door swings
Open ~ it takes nothing
From the hush ~

An actual tall dark
Stranger ~ blocks the
Doorway side to side ~
He lifts the lamp he
Carries ~ and scans
My face ~

He takes my hand ~
And lifts it to his lips ~
I’ve been waiting
For you ~
I’m so glad you’re
Here at last ~

My heart has called you
And as you surely see ~
My house could use
A woman’s touch ~

And then he smiles
And I can see ~
This is no stranger ~
I’ve seen his face
In countless dreams ~
Now they’ve come true ~

It was my better angel
Led me here ~ that
We might find our love …

And the house is happy ~

(Thus ends the story which began with:




Another Sunset

smearedsky05I watch the sunset
Rage across the sky ~
The colors flare and flame
Then fade and vanish ~
Underneath the cloak
Of the advancing night ~

Don’t say that this is
Just another sunset ~
There’s no such thing ~
Each one is perfect
And utterly unique ~
Residing in a special
Place within my heart ~

And when my time comes ~
As of course it will ~
These are the memories
That will flash
Before my eyes ~


Only an Illusion?

shepherdess-fixd-lgI was noticing a scratch on a piece of furniture when an old memory surfaced. It was of a story I’d read many years ago, written, I believe, by a Unity minister. The details may not be exact but the gist is close enough.

She told of visiting a dear friend who was not easily able to get out. It was a pleasure to come to her home, which always seemed filled with interesting and lovely objects, everything shining with a patina of polish and loving care. And over all, the lady spread her mantle of charm and gracious welcome. Her invitations were sought and prized, and her guests uniformly left her with reluctance – and happy memories.

And it came to pass that the friend died. The minister had been left a small bequest – a painting she had once admired – and on impulse had gone to the home, where she knew the lady’s sister would be sorting through her things. She wanted to visit once more the place of which she had such fond memories.

It came as a surprise to her when she walked in, that the rooms were not at all as she recalled. Everything was shabby and a little worn. The paint was peeling, the upholstery faded. The pretty little shepherdesses and their swains, the lovely china plates, all were revealed in the harsh light to be inexpensive souvenirs. It seems the lady had imbued her modest possessions with the grace and beauty of her inner being, so that everything and everyone around her, became a little finer through being in her company.

As an epitaph, you couldn’t do much better. Fitting words for a life well lived.


More Than a Fairy Tale

Last Known Location

Last Known Location

There were elements
Of alchemy
Throughout the house ~
The very air was filled
With mystery ~

And in the darkness ~
Deeper shadows lurked
And moved ~
Hinting of matters
Sacred and profane ~

Of secrets too long kept
And far too dangerous ~
Ever to see
The light of day ~

I don’t know
What drew me in ~
How I came to be
Standing as if
Mesmerized ~
But I sense that
It is time
For me to go ~

What was I thinking ~
I should never have
Unlatched the door ~

But as I reach for it
The handle turns ~
And slowly the door
Opens inward toward me ~

And I know my fate
Is sealed ~


The Cruelest Time

This Woman

This Woman

So much Death!
So many endings ~
Too much pain
To keep inside ~

This is the hardest
Time of the year ~
When the sun seems
Powerless ~ against
The early darkness
And the brutal cold ~

The memories
Press down upon me ~
The wind is fierce ~ and
Its chill seeks out
The marrow of my bones
To make its home ~

And you are many years
And many miles ago ~
Another lifetime in a
Different place ~ and
I am a different woman ~

But this woman
Loves you too ~