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Incident Report


Before the Incident

Before the Incident

I notice that the
Outback ~ parked
Across the street ~
Is about to lose
Its left side mirror ~

It’s missing all
The glass ~
And hanging
By a thread ~

All of which leads
Me to wonder ~

Did it jump ~
Or was it the victim
Of foul play ~

Author: Melody J Haislip

I'm either a transplanted East Coaster or a born again West Coaster. My heart kept pulling me toward Oregon, and when I followed it I found my dream, which I am living daily. My dream of becoming a writer has come true as well. I am in the company of people who speak my language, and the sense of community is healing hurts I didn't know were there. I am very grateful for my enormous good fortune.

6 thoughts on “Incident Report

  1. Hmm, perhaps it jumped… 🙂


  2. I chuckled after reading this post. Then I thought of the owners view of the same view and I was sad. I liked your twist of whether it was self inflicted or vandalism.


    • The car looked so nice except for that one thing. Whimsey simply overtook me, as it does from time to time. Glad it gave you a chuckle.


  3. Quick phone for an auto ambulance. Sounds as if it needs immediate surgery.


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