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Is It Biology?



Perhaps the craving
That I feel for you
Is simply Nature’s way ~
Of making certain
That the human race
Continues ~

As for myself
I have my doubts ~

The raw desire that
Floods my every cell ~
And all the molecules of
Which I am comprised ~
Has naught to do
With science ~ and
All to do with lust ~

So I’ve an itch that
You can scratch ~
If you’ve a mind to ~
Let’s keep it simple
Shall we now ~
No promises
No long goodbyes ~

And we will drink
To one another ~
When we remember ~

Author: Melody J Haislip

I'm either a transplanted East Coaster or a born again West Coaster. My heart kept pulling me toward Oregon, and when I followed it I found my dream, which I am living daily. My dream of becoming a writer has come true as well. I am in the company of people who speak my language, and the sense of community is healing hurts I didn't know were there. I am very grateful for my enormous good fortune.

8 thoughts on “Is It Biology?

  1. The first thought that comes to mind is: Scratch, scratch, skritchedy, scratch! Precious memories! Treasured jewels of a life lived to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Reminds me of my own randy-dandy days.


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