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I love the way ~
The wind
Moves the rain ~
In long sweeping
Lines ~ or in
Dancing waves ~

I have never
Seen the wind ~
Only its effect ~
On the world
Around me ~

The scents that
It carries ~
From far
Distant shores ~

I have felt the wind
Upon my face ~
Though I cannot
Return its touch ~

I have tasted rain ~
Or snow ~
Upon the wind ~

And I have heard
The lashing of
The leaves ~
In the wind’s
Embrace ~

And now I sit
And ponder ~
Can a force of
Nature feel
Emotion too ~

If so ~
I wonder if
The wind ~
Is ever lonely ~



Muse In Distress

sad muse1349492-bigthumbnailMy Muse won’t
Speak to me today ~
She says I’m only
Using her (I know) ~

And when I ask
What I can do
She cries ~ she
Says she needs
To find herself ~

And I resist the urge
To tell her ~ that
I’d like to find her
Just a bit more
Frequently myself ~
(I may be ditzy
But I haven’t lost
My mind) ~

Without success
I’ve Googled and I’ve
Wiki-ed my dilemma ~
So now I’m sending
Out a cry for help ~

What can I do to
Appease my Muse ~
So I can get some
Work done ~

I feel for her but
I’ve a deadline that
Is fast approaching ~
So all suggestions
Will be gratefully
Received ~

Call now the
Lines are open ~


Forest Destiny

the-Forest-church-2-700x419I’ve never been this
Deep within the forest ~
So I’ve no way to know ~
If silence is the norm
Or if this is unusual ~

I’m sure that I saw
Movement from the
Corner of my eye ~
But when I turn to look
The stillness holds ~

Am I enchanted ~
Or is it the forest ~
My senses are disordered ~
But I sense magic
In the air ~

This is the sort of place
That promises all kinds
Of marvels ~ to those who
Stray within its borders ~
And some will never leave ~

Deeper I travel into the
Secret depths ~ amid the ferny
Spires that edge the path ~
The trees bend closer to
Me as I pass by ~

I have a rendezvous ~ beneath
The oldest and most powerful
Of them all ~ the witch has
Called and I must answer ~
It is my duty and my destiny ~

My shoulders ache beneath
This burden I cannot put down ~
If magic makes an end of me ~
I leave this record of my journey ~
So that the world will know ~

Though I might not have won
The battle ~ I was in the fight ~
I pray you lay my bones in the
Forest where I fell ~
And remember me with honor ~