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The Homecoming


Crying Woman

On a recent trip back home
To visit family and friends
I asked my niece for a drive
Through my old stomping grounds

I guess I hadn’t thought it through
Perhaps I thought that it would be
The same as I remembered ~ and so
The changes caught me unprepared

We drove through areas where
I had lived and worked and played
They say you can’t go home again and
Of course we all know that’s not true

But that doesn’t mean you’ll¬†know
Where you are when you get there
I could have been anywhere ~
St. Louis or Omaha or Houston

I’m not a crier ~ I never was
Yet there I was ~ fighting to
Keep from bursting into sobs
Dizzy and disoriented and confused

The city is so much taller now
Unfamiliar and familiar ~ stand
Side by side or have simply
Vanished as if they never were

That was Tuesday and it’s Friday now
And I’m still working through my feelings
I feel as if my history is disappearing
There are so few who would remember me

And I’m left feeling whiny and ungrateful
Although I’m truly thankful for my new life
Perhaps it’s that it seems to be a foretaste
Of how it will be when I am really gone