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Author: Pacific Melody

Born in a small, Illinois log cabin . . . No, that won’t work. The pampered only child of incredibly wealthy parents . . . No, that won’t fly either. Raised by French nuns after her aristocratic parents were beheaded . . . No, that’s been done! Got it: An East Coast transplant to the Pacific Northwest, this notoriously late bloomer began her new life with a new career as a writer and blogger. She has taken to both the new location and the career move like a duck to water. Writing is a new adventure, and our intrepid risk-taker is diving in, feeling right at home and making new friends. Reached for comment, she replied, “Okay, I wrote my bio, now may I Please go out and play?” We expect great, or perhaps merely more coherent, things from this writer. (Okay, that’s a wrap. What a wacko!)

(Pictured above, my [sometimes] reluctant Muse, Dramatica)

9 thoughts on “Author: Pacific Melody

  1. Welcome to the beautiful and perfect Pacific Northwest. Just remember: Even with all reasonable precautions taken—you might still get wet.

    But fear not! It is only the rain spirits washing your soul.


  2. Hello Melody :^)

    I’ve linked here from I couldn’t find an e-mail link, so I wound up here. I must say that you have excellent taste in blog templates–LOL! I use the same one on my blog here at WordPress (

    I wanted to leave you a delighted “thank you” for your comment at Broowaha. Your description of books was wonderful. I , too, love that smell of an older book. I once wrote a blog post about it. I hadn’t recalled the shaft of light and particles of dust until you mentioned it. Clearly you are a lover of the word.

    Thank you so much for such a great comment. And I’ll be stopping by here when I can to see what’s new :^)


  3. I have cousins that live in Seattle. I need to visit them there one day before they move again. LOL.


  4. Wow, we havnt even met, and I feel such a free spirit in you.. wish a lot more people could think like you do !


    • Thank you, Nikhil. I like your spirit, too. Isn’t it sweet to have this huge community of like-minded spirits from which to choose? I enjoy having happy, positive, spiritual people in my life. Welcome!


  5. Melody, I just noticed the link to your site from mine. Thank you very much for hanging my badge 🙂 You rock 🙂



  6. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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