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Author: Pacific Melody

I’ve been in my new home on the west coast for over a year now, and the changes in my life have been significant. I’m so glad I decided to take the leap. I feel a little like Thelma just before she and Louise went off the cliff (but in a good way). Something inside me has changed and I can’t go back. I’m freer now; I’ve spread my wings, made new friends, begun to write, and I’m still in touch with family and friends Back East. Some of them have even come to visit. All the comforts of home, you might say, and it really feels like home now.


9 thoughts on “Author: Pacific Melody

  1. Welcome to the beautiful and perfect Pacific Northwest. Just remember: Even with all reasonable precautions taken—you might still get wet.

    But fear not! It is only the rain spirits washing your soul.


  2. Hello Melody :^)

    I’ve linked here from I couldn’t find an e-mail link, so I wound up here. I must say that you have excellent taste in blog templates–LOL! I use the same one on my blog here at WordPress (

    I wanted to leave you a delighted “thank you” for your comment at Broowaha. Your description of books was wonderful. I , too, love that smell of an older book. I once wrote a blog post about it. I hadn’t recalled the shaft of light and particles of dust until you mentioned it. Clearly you are a lover of the word.

    Thank you so much for such a great comment. And I’ll be stopping by here when I can to see what’s new :^)


  3. I have cousins that live in Seattle. I need to visit them there one day before they move again. LOL.


  4. Wow, we havnt even met, and I feel such a free spirit in you.. wish a lot more people could think like you do !


    • Thank you, Nikhil. I like your spirit, too. Isn’t it sweet to have this huge community of like-minded spirits from which to choose? I enjoy having happy, positive, spiritual people in my life. Welcome!


  5. Melody, I just noticed the link to your site from mine. Thank you very much for hanging my badge 🙂 You rock 🙂



  6. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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