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Cajun Summer


A breeze from the bayou
Drifts in through
The bedroom window
My skin feels all stretched
Out of shape
And every way I turn
The sheets are hot
And tangled

Robby Robertson is
Singing in the background
Haunting me with his
Sexy raspy voice
Taking me with him
Somewhere Down the
Crazy River

Feelings play along the
Surface of my skin
Like my own St. Elmo’s Fire
And I burn hot enough to
Satisfy the harshest critic

Wind chimes ring out
Through the warm sultry night
This summer is burning
A hole in my heart
And I wonder

How many summers
Are left to me
This time around
And how did I end up here
Tired and broke and
Never more completely
On my own

They call it the Big Easy
But that’s a lie



Summer of the Child

The golden Summer of my childhood

The golden Summer of my childhood

Memories of my childhood

I remember long hot days
In the endless Summer sunshine
The sound of the honeybees
Abuzz in the pale pink
Heaven-smelling sweetheart roses
Which yearly overtook
The porch of our house

I remember the touch
Of the air on my skin
The rasp of the crickets, and
A honeysuckle breeze
In the soft Southern night

And there is always music
And a sense of belonging
And the sure and certain knowing
I am a part of something
I am a member of my tribe
My pack my family
I matter and I am loved