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Turning Point

Clouds above and below DSC_0554The blue of the sky ~
Is reflected intensely
On the surface of the water ~
As are my familiar
Face and body ~
My doppelgänger ~

Clouds above and below ~
I stand balanced here
On the silver line
That separates the two ~
Caught ~ it would seem ~
Between two realities ~

In the eyes of the world
I have already chosen ~
But I think I will decide
What becomes of me ~
I am the only one
Who knows the truth ~

I must choose my
Course of action wisely ~
My destiny rests
On what I do tonight ~





beautiful drifter

She drifted into
Town one day ~
And when she
Looked at him
He knew ~ that
When she drifted
On once more ~
He would go
With her ~ no matter
What the destination ~

As quickly and as
Easily as that ~
A life can change ~
A destiny can
Be rewritten ~

Just as I knew ~
The moment that
I looked at you ~
My life would
Never be the same ~

I bless that
Moment still ~


To A Soul Mate

Goddess of the HearthYou are the goddess
Of the hearth
Of my heart
You are the standard
By which I judge
The warmth
Of my welcome
The joy my
Arrival brings

Time and its passage
Are matters of
Little importance
To those such as
You and I
Who have known
Each other in
Countless lifetimes
Before and shall
Know one another
Countless lifetimes

We are part of the
Group Soul
A glimpse of the
And you are a
Part of my soul

It is our destiny


Forest Destiny

the-Forest-church-2-700x419I’ve never been this
Deep within the forest ~
So I’ve no way to know ~
If silence is the norm
Or if this is unusual ~

I’m sure that I saw
Movement from the
Corner of my eye ~
But when I turn to look
The stillness holds ~

Am I enchanted ~
Or is it the forest ~
My senses are disordered ~
But I sense magic
In the air ~

This is the sort of place
That promises all kinds
Of marvels ~ to those who
Stray within its borders ~
And some will never leave ~

Deeper I travel into the
Secret depths ~ amid the ferny
Spires that edge the path ~
The trees bend closer to
Me as I pass by ~

I have a rendezvous ~ beneath
The oldest and most powerful
Of them all ~ the witch has
Called and I must answer ~
It is my duty and my destiny ~

My shoulders ache beneath
This burden I cannot put down ~
If magic makes an end of me ~
I leave this record of my journey ~
So that the world will know ~

Though I might not have won
The battle ~ I was in the fight ~
I pray you lay my bones in the
Forest where I fell ~
And remember me with honor ~


A Toss of the Dice

HD-Fantasy-Wallpaper-148I was a fool to think ~
That I would be unmarked
By our encounter ~

It was no random meeting
There are no such events ~
Nor was coincidence
An option either ~

I must believe
It was my destiny ~

But is it our destiny?
Only time will tell ~
Some passions are fated
To remain unquenched ~
Some flames were
Never meant to burn ~

What are our cosmic odds
My love – what will it be ~
Do you feel lucky
Today ~


Ending the Fairy Tale

forlovers3I stand as if transfixed ~
The power of speech
Has left me ~
Is it fear I feel ~ or is it
More anticipation ~

Subconsciously I knew
Of course ~ that I was
On a risky path ~
Perhaps that’s why the
House called out to me
So strongly ~

And now I hear the
House’s heartbeat ~
Or is it mine ~
Deep silence has blocked out
All other sound ~
And as the door swings
Open ~ it takes nothing
From the hush ~

An actual tall dark
Stranger ~ blocks the
Doorway side to side ~
He lifts the lamp he
Carries ~ and scans
My face ~

He takes my hand ~
And lifts it to his lips ~
I’ve been waiting
For you ~
I’m so glad you’re
Here at last ~

My heart has called you
And as you surely see ~
My house could use
A woman’s touch ~

And then he smiles
And I can see ~
This is no stranger ~
I’ve seen his face
In countless dreams ~
Now they’ve come true ~

It was my better angel
Led me here ~ that
We might find our love …

And the house is happy ~

(Thus ends the story which began with:



More Than a Fairy Tale

Last Known Location

Last Known Location

There were elements
Of alchemy
Throughout the house ~
The very air was filled
With mystery ~

And in the darkness ~
Deeper shadows lurked
And moved ~
Hinting of matters
Sacred and profane ~

Of secrets too long kept
And far too dangerous ~
Ever to see
The light of day ~

I don’t know
What drew me in ~
How I came to be
Standing as if
Mesmerized ~
But I sense that
It is time
For me to go ~

What was I thinking ~
I should never have
Unlatched the door ~

But as I reach for it
The handle turns ~
And slowly the door
Opens inward toward me ~

And I know my fate
Is sealed ~