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A Matched Pair


A Matched Pair

They tell me that I feel too deeply ~
They say that I should rein it in ~
I don’t know how ~

I could as simply stem the tide ~
As govern the emotions
That torment and bedevil me ~

Was it an accident of birth ~
Is it a chemical imbalance ~
I only know I love you
To the point of madness ~

And now they say that love demands
A sacrifice I never thought to make ~
They tell me I must go away ~
They say my presence will distract you
From your duties ~

They will not let me say farewell ~
And deep inside I know this note
Will never reach your hands ~

I pray my love ~
That you who know my
Heart so well ~ will know
That I would never leave you ~

They cannot know ~
You are as wild for me
As I for you ~

I do not know
Where they will take me ~
But I will be waiting ~






I love the way ~
The wind
Moves the rain ~
In long sweeping
Lines ~ or in
Dancing waves ~

I have never
Seen the wind ~
Only its effect ~
On the world
Around me ~

The scents that
It carries ~
From far
Distant shores ~

I have felt the wind
Upon my face ~
Though I cannot
Return its touch ~

I have tasted rain ~
Or snow ~
Upon the wind ~

And I have heard
The lashing of
The leaves ~
In the wind’s
Embrace ~

And now I sit
And ponder ~
Can a force of
Nature feel
Emotion too ~

If so ~
I wonder if
The wind ~
Is ever lonely ~