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Modern Love

Modern Love

You look at me
As if from a great distance ~
As would a survivor in a
Lifeboat ~ look at a
Doomed man on the deck ~

I can tell in your mind
I am already gone ~
A memory from the past
You have unfriended me ~
And blocked my access
To all your social sites ~

I fear that if I come to call
Your maid will tell me
You’re not in ~
Not into me, no ~

Never again will I be
On your guest list ~
Nor will your friends
Be my friends any more ~

I am no longer in ~
My flavor has lost
Its brief appeal ~
I’ve fallen so far from
My place near your star ~

And even though I knew
This day would come ~
The pain is startling ~
More intense than ever
I’d foreseen ~

And I will always see your eyes ~
The day you never even said goodbye ~

(Originally published February 17, 2012)



In A Child’s Eyes

A Babys Eyes

Did you ever look deeply
Into the eyes of a newborn
And see the pure clear flame
Of the still-connected soul

Fresh from the hands
Of its maker it shines
And if you are lucky
And if you are wise
Perhaps the child will
Bless you and connect
You for a moment to
Your Source within

Swelling your heart and
Tearing your eyes as
You strive to linger
As you feed the hunger
Of a spirit left too long
Alone and unattended

But even though
The moment ends
The peace and the
Healing remain
Glimpses of glory
From beyond the veil
Gift of the Spirit


The Time of Dreaming


My sheets are tangled
And my thoughts race
Was I only dreaming
Or was I truly

There was a man’s face
Almost your face
But the eyes were wrong
He did not look at me
With love

There was a hunger
But there was fear as well
Though what he had
To fear from me
I’ll never know

Was this a memory
From another lifetime
Or a hint of a lifetime
Yet to come
It is a mystery

But not all mysteries
Require solution
And you are here and warm
And the dreaming
Is soon forgotten


The Greatest Force

df63db6e5025405f8e911afc38191e31.jpg How I See LoveLove can make us
Finer than we are
True love
Can make us
Finer still

“Love is patient
Love is kind”
They tell us
But they do not
Tell us
That true love
Can burn away
The blinders from
The lover’s eyes

Hearts and souls
Filled up with love
Crowd out all
Baser feelings
As the Light
Destroys the
In its loving

The only force
In all the Universe
Against which
There is no
Is love

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490874891.jpg Veiled Woman









“Those are my eyes”
You said
“Those are my arms
My face and
I would have you
Veil them
Not share them
With the world”

And what lies
Underneath your
Robed exterior
Your haughty
You said was
Always to be
Mine alone

But you have
Shared it with
So many
It is no
Longer mine
Nor am I yours
Not truly
Though you may
Think that you have
Bent me to
Your will

But true love cannot
Be compelled

You’re thinking that
You own me
That I still
Owe you fealty
Or obedience
It could be that
You’re in for
A surprise

Tonight I make my
Bid for freedom and
If you’re reading this
You’ll know that
I am gone

And you will know
Whose eyes these are
These eyes
Are mine!


Poem Noir

Lovers' Parting

The Last Time I Saw You

They’ve called my train
Three times now ~
The conductor is
Taking up the stairs ~

How can I leave you
Where will I go ~
I can’t live all alone
In the flat we shared ~

I hear the train wheels
Turning in my head ~
I hear our favorite song
Playing in the background ~
As if my life were an old
French film ~
In black and white ~
The soundtrack
Just a little out of synch ~

I kept hoping ~ that you
Would ask me to stay ~
Beg me to stay ~
But I was a dreamer
And you are no beggar
Whatever else you may be ~

You are as much a
Mystery to me as ever ~

As I look into your eyes ~
For what may well be
The last time ~
I feel my heart break ~
Crack open from
Side to side ~

But there is no change
In your expression ~
As I pick up the pieces ~
Hand them sadly to you ~
And board my train ~

[Background music swells then fades]



Me on my way out of town. Photo by Anastasia Koros

Tonight as I gazed into

My mirrored eyes

I saw in my reflection

The shape of my skull

Beneath the flesh, and

I saw the pattern

Of my life, and

Perceived the rhythm

Underlying the flow

Of my days.

Perhaps I have gained

A newer perspective

As the years have passed by

Or perhaps I have simply

Learned to recognize

The threads of the patterns,

But whichever way the truth lies

I will follow to the very end.

Deep in the night

The church bell tolls and

Someday it will toll for me