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Roaring fire

I watch the way the flame
Changes the wood
The smaller pieces writhe
And twist and then surrender
To their appointed fate

The logs are dry and soon
The fire claims them
From within ~ till
What was once so solid
Has turned to weightless ash

They say that matter cannot
Be created or destroyed
But only changed in nature
Ice to liquid or to gas
Solid flesh to spirit only

What they call science
I call magic ~ I cannot
Think of it in any other way
Perhaps it’s just the language and
Not the logic that divides us

Where you call gravity and fractals
And cats which either live or don’t
All scientific questions
To me they are the stuff of magic
Gifts of a whimsical Universe



In A Child’s Eyes

A Babys Eyes

Did you ever look deeply
Into the eyes of a newborn
And see the pure clear flame
Of the still-connected soul

Fresh from the hands
Of its maker it shines
And if you are lucky
And if you are wise
Perhaps the child will
Bless you and connect
You for a moment to
Your Source within

Swelling your heart and
Tearing your eyes as
You strive to linger
As you feed the hunger
Of a spirit left too long
Alone and unattended

But even though
The moment ends
The peace and the
Healing remain
Glimpses of glory
From beyond the veil
Gift of the Spirit


Another Sunset

smearedsky05I watch the sunset
Rage across the sky ~
The colors flare and flame
Then fade and vanish ~
Underneath the cloak
Of the advancing night ~

Don’t say that this is
Just another sunset ~
There’s no such thing ~
Each one is perfect
And utterly unique ~
Residing in a special
Place within my heart ~

And when my time comes ~
As of course it will ~
These are the memories
That will flash
Before my eyes ~


Free Spirit

As I truly am

As I truly am

The stars call out my name ~
In alien tongues I don’t
Know how I understand ~
The sickle moon smiles
Down on me ~ and
Dawn is hours away ~

Accountable to no man
While I sleep ~
These hours are mine ~
The only time I can
Be truly who I am ~
A work in progress still ~

Clay-footed when my
Soul desires to soar ~
Yet I press on ~
My progress may at times
Seem nonexistent ~
But I keep the flame of
Faith alive ~ through
Every trial that besets me ~

For I have learned
While on my journey ~
That God ~
And the Universe ~
Help those
Who help themselves ~



Ah, the breeze.

The cool night breeze ~
Suddenly huffs
Through my window ~
Pouring itself
Over every available
Inch of skin ~

Lulling me into
A languorous mood ~
Caressing my flesh ~
As it alternately
Teases and calms
My jangled nerves ~

The air is so fresh ~
It smells of freedom
And of faraway places ~
I fill my lungs and
Somehow I fill
My heart as well ~

And thus it is
That I go on ~
When all my hope
Should have
Been gone ~

Once more the spark
Within me is ignited ~
And I remember ~
That oxygen makes fire
Burn all the brighter ~


When A Flame Dies

I am become invisible
As I walk among the crowds ~
They do not see me ~

Tell me, if no one sees me
Do I exist ~ am I really here ~
If I fell in the forest
Or on a city street ~
Would anyone see or hear
Or even know ~

I am lost ~ I am a face
In a crowd that knows me not
At all ~ and when my light
Has flickered and died away ~
Will this world be one iota darker ~

These thoughts plague me
Late at night ~ when I am weary
And my strength is
At its lowest ebb ~

Then I rouse myself ~
Blow on the cooling ember
Of my fondest dream ~
And make myself
Believe in me again ~