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Modern Love

Modern Love

You look at me
As if from a great distance ~
As would a survivor in a
Lifeboat ~ look at a
Doomed man on the deck ~

I can tell in your mind
I am already gone ~
A memory from the past
You have unfriended me ~
And blocked my access
To all your social sites ~

I fear that if I come to call
Your maid will tell me
You’re not in ~
Not into me, no ~

Never again will I be
On your guest list ~
Nor will your friends
Be my friends any more ~

I am no longer in ~
My flavor has lost
Its brief appeal ~
I’ve fallen so far from
My place near your star ~

And even though I knew
This day would come ~
The pain is startling ~
More intense than ever
I’d foreseen ~

And I will always see your eyes ~
The day you never even said goodbye ~

(Originally published February 17, 2012)



The Coward

Jet-aeroplane-taking-off--001I stand watching
The tail lights of
Your plane as they
Vanish into the dark
Wondering why
You looked so sad
When you kissed me

As I turn to leave
I feel a hand on my arm
And hear a young voice
Asking “Ma’am
Is your name Sara?”
When I nod my head
He thrusts a small
Envelope into my hand
Then disappears
Into the crowd

Staring at my name
In your distinctive
I know now why
There were tears
In your eyes
Why you touched
My face so gently

You were saying

I curse you for
The coward
That you are
I will not read
Your letter

Ripped in half
It lies where
You left me and
I step on the pieces
As I walk away

I have already
Forgotten you


The Hardest Lesson

1258315396469090.jpeg mourningA wave of love and
Longing washes over me ~
It’s been so long
Since last I held you
In my arms ~

My world ended
In a moment ~
But that moment
Has gone on forever ~
Though you have not ~

We speak of death
As if it were an entity ~
It is not kind or cruel
As the case may be ~
But only the cessation ~
Of this phase of life ~

The breath is stilled
The heart will beat no more ~
The fleshly envelope
Has given up its
Animating spirit ~

One learns to speak of the
Beloved in the past tense ~
But is it right to say
I ‘loved’ him ~ when I
Love him still ~

The busywork of death
Can be distracting ~
But ritual can take you
Just so far ~

I’ve had to learn
To live without you ~
I’m learning still ~


Is It Biology?


Perhaps the craving
That I feel for you
Is simply Nature’s way ~
Of making certain
That the human race
Continues ~

As for myself
I have my doubts ~

The raw desire that
Floods my every cell ~
And all the molecules of
Which I am comprised ~
Has naught to do
With science ~ and
All to do with lust ~

So I’ve an itch that
You can scratch ~
If you’ve a mind to ~
Let’s keep it simple
Shall we now ~
No promises
No long goodbyes ~

And we will drink
To one another ~
When we remember ~