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A Change of Scenery


The sky is brilliant blue today
The air is crystalline
The edges of the shadows
Sharply defining the line
Between dark and light

For now I will not think of
Anything that is not kind
Or pleasant or loving
My emotions have already
Been stretched too thin

I’m sitting on a bench
In the sun now ~ watching
The walkers and their dogs
Alternately drag each other by
Looking for that perfect spot

I feel that I have been too
Long inside ~ that I will learn
To love my solitude too dearly
The well is empty when I search
For words so I have fled

Hoping a change of scenery
Would lift my spirits and
Bring me inspiration or hope
Or maybe just the sight of
Some other feathered thing

On a day such as this
I can only feel happy and
Heartfully blessed and as if
I am exactly where I have
Always been meant to be


To Those Who Wait

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I never had the fairy tale ~
My happily ever after was a
Dream that passed me by ~
Yet still I waited ~

And all along the seed
Of doubt within me grew ~
Beside the spark of hope
My tears could not put out ~

Now I have found you ~
And all that went before
Is gone and soon forgotten ~
Now I must make a choice ~

If it is selfish to think
Of myself first ~
For the first time ~
Then I am selfish ~

And why is it that
No one ever tells you ~
How good it feels ~
How light and free ~

This is the first time
I have wanted to do battle ~
To hold onto what is mine ~
To fight for you and me ~

It’s so exhilarating
I feel that I could fly ~
The waiting is over ~
At last ~





The Betrayal

handsome prince

I could have throttled her ~
Will throttle her
And with great pleasure ~
I wait only for my chance ~
To take her by
Her lying throat
And drag her ~ speechless
For once ~ into the
Shadows of the night ~

I am not fearful
Of discovery ~
As the dim and shifting
Light hides more
Than it reveals ~

Silence so dense as to
Erase all sound ~
Will cloak our footsteps ~
And struggle as she may
She is no match for me
In strength or purpose ~
I will bend her
Will to mine ~
No matter what
I have to do ~

The Betrayal

If she thinks I will let
Softer feelings
Stay my hand ~
She is mistaken ~

I trusted her ~
With my life and
The lives of my brave men ~
How could she
Play me for such a fool ~

But even as I wait
My chance at her ~
My mind scrambles ~
Like the piteous
Thing it is ~
To find some
Other explanation ~
Some way out of the
Nightmare my life
Has now become ~

I pray  ~ as I have
Never prayed before ~
That I may find some way ~
To keep my honor
And to spare her life ~

But if this truly is
Betrayal ~ then on this
Night ~ for all
Intents and purposes ~
My life will end
With hers ~ and
I will lose my love ~
And any hope I
Ever had of heaven ~



Come the Dawn

Come the dawn 13147329._SY540_

I hear them talk about me
As they wish me to ~
They stand beneath the
Window of my cell ~ and
Endlessly discuss the fate
I go to meet tomorrow ~

I hear the sound of laughter ~
False as a traitor’s lie ~
And I know that they’re
All afraid of me ~
A woman ~ small and
Powerless ~ facing my doom
In just a few short hours’ time ~

They fear and hate me ~
Because I did
What they could not ~
And now for revenge ~
They may do with me
What they will ~ I do not care ~
But this was an evil man ~
Who will not do
Another wrong ~
And I have no regrets ~

I am content to know ~
The single hope I have
Lies in your hands ~
I know that death alone
Would keep you
From my side ~
And so I wait ~

Only the dawn will tell ~