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As the Universe breathes in
So too do I
For we are One
The surety of it
The knowing
Delights and soothes my soul

This is where I have
Always longed to be
Where I belong
And I am soaring high
So high above the clouds
That hide the sun
And into the blue and
The brilliance
My first experience
Of freedom

I will never return to Earth
Nor obey your rules
And even should my freedom
Turn out to be illusion
Still I have tasted it
And real or no
It makes no difference
For I have thrown off
All my shackles
And live or die I will be free

From out of nowhere
A fire begins inside
That threatens
To consume me
Burn me to ashes and beyond
If such a thing could be

And it occurs to me belatedly
That freedom is an undertaking
Fraught with danger



Summer of the Child

The golden Summer of my childhood

The golden Summer of my childhood

Memories of my childhood

I remember long hot days
In the endless Summer sunshine
The sound of the honeybees
Abuzz in the pale pink
Heaven-smelling sweetheart roses
Which yearly overtook
The porch of our house

I remember the touch
Of the air on my skin
The rasp of the crickets, and
A honeysuckle breeze
In the soft Southern night

And there is always music
And a sense of belonging
And the sure and certain knowing
I am a part of something
I am a member of my tribe
My pack my family
I matter and I am loved