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beautiful drifter

She drifted into
Town one day ~
And when she
Looked at him
He knew ~ that
When she drifted
On once more ~
He would go
With her ~ no matter
What the destination ~

As quickly and as
Easily as that ~
A life can change ~
A destiny can
Be rewritten ~

Just as I knew ~
The moment that
I looked at you ~
My life would
Never be the same ~

I bless that
Moment still ~



A Storm Of Petals

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

I sit in the midst of
A storm of pink petals ~
Fluttering down from
The cherry trees
Across the way~

A whimsical breeze ~
Threads through the
Branches ~
Pulling the fragile
Blossoms ~
By the
Thousands ~
In its wake ~
And I’m transfixed
And enchanted ~ and
Longing for more ~

Moments like these ~
Lurk around every
Corner ~ invisible
To all but the
Watchful heart ~

For it is through the
Eyes of the heart ~
That Truth and
Beauty are discerned ~