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Joy in the Morning

Porch Smothered in Roses

One minute I am
Balancing my checkbook ~
The next I am standing
On a childhood porch ~
Smothered in pink
Sweetheart roses ~
Smelling like the
Dawn of all creation ~

I can almost feel ~
The delicate touch of the
Early morning air ~
Cool against my skin ~

It feels as if there’s
Birdsong in my veins ~
My knees and elbows tingle ~
In that one moment
It comes flooding back ~
Those magic moments
From my youth ~
When I was most alive ~

Even then ~
I must have
Realized those times
Were special ~ meant
To be stored away ~
So that they could
Be taken out ~
Unwrapped ~
Remembered ~
Savored ~

I am so grateful
For the kindness and
The foresight ~
Of a Universe which
Gives such lovely gifts
On a Monday morning ~



Summer of the Child

The golden Summer of my childhood

The golden Summer of my childhood

Memories of my childhood

I remember long hot days
In the endless Summer sunshine
The sound of the honeybees
Abuzz in the pale pink
Heaven-smelling sweetheart roses
Which yearly overtook
The porch of our house

I remember the touch
Of the air on my skin
The rasp of the crickets, and
A honeysuckle breeze
In the soft Southern night

And there is always music
And a sense of belonging
And the sure and certain knowing
I am a part of something
I am a member of my tribe
My pack my family
I matter and I am loved


City of Roses

Roses for my City of Roses

My apartment perches

Atop its tier of four

Where I look out into the

Treetops that surround me.

In winter when the branches

Are bare and sere and twin

In color to the leaden sky,

They still are beautiful to see.

The longest and the coldest

Of the three autumns I have

Passed here, the rainiest and

Grayest I have yet endured,

Will in the end be only water

For my City of Roses