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Mixed Blessing

space fantasy. starDon’t try and tell me
I’ve not seen ~
The things I’ve seen ~

The splendor and the joy ~
The soul deep Love
Of the Universe ~
And all that it contains ~

Peace beyond telling ~
Always familiar
Though never the same ~

A homecoming
If you will ~
Or a becoming
Of oneself again ~
As all illusions
Fade away ~

All this within my grasp
Then I was torn away ~
Brought back to life
And I was very grateful ~

But part of me yearns
Ever toward the Light ~
The unattained
Destination ~
The object of
My soul’s desire ~

Someday ~


Song of the Universe

The Universe

The Universe

I stand on the edge
Of the precipice ~
And shout my poems
Into the abyss ~
I sing my songs
To the night ~
And the Universe
Sings back to me ~

I rise into the night ~
To join the stars
In the heavens ~
And as I journey onward ~
I notice all the voices
On each world are singing
But a single note ~

And the faster I go and
The farther ~ the more
The notes blend together ~

I hear the “music
Of the spheres” ~ beloved
Of Pythagoras ~ a Greek
Philosopher ~ to whom
I am now connected ~
Across more than two
Thousand years ~ by this
Celestial sound and
Light show ~

My heart is pounding ~
I am breathless and
Ecstatic ~ as I join my
Voice to all the others ~
And there in the vast and
Empty depths of space ~
I am a part of it all ~


Yes, Wings

In my dreams

In my dreams

The music stirs my soul
I just can’t help it ~
Not even if I wanted to ~

I close my eyes and
Spread my wings ~
Yes wings!
And I begin to fly ~

I feel my feathers
Moving in the wind ~
I feel the sun upon my back ~
And I am in another world
Where woe can never find me ~

But I am not alone ~
I am never alone ~
We are never alone ~

For the Universe ~ or God
Or Primal Mind ~ or
Whatever other Name
You put to It ~ resides
Within us ever ~ and
It is not what we must
Learn ~
To be wise ~
It is what we must unlearn ~

To return to the Source
Of us all ~ to what we
Knew Before this life ~
To what we will Know
Again ~

I love you all ~


In Pursuit of Joy

Sometimes joy looks like a lemon meringue pie.

I remember watching as my baby’s eyes followed with rapt fascination the movement of two exotic creatures, waving in his line of sight and ending in his tiny starfish fingers. He didn’t know they were his, or that he was moving them. He was simply delighted to see them, smiling with joy and sharing it with me. “Isn’t this wonderful?” his expression seemed to say.

Babies and young children retain for a while their connection to the Light from which they came and to which they will return. I remember it so well, and I ask myself when I last had a moment like that.

Once when my son was less than two, we were stopped at a light on our way home from the sitter’s house. He leaned forward and looked up toward the sky. He had such an air of intensity that I asked him quietly, “What do you see, sweetheart?” and he replied, “God”. The light changed and I drove on, but I’m bright enough to recognize a teaching moment, and I was willing to learn. Looking back, I can see that he taught me as much as I taught him.

Moments like these are why, when I am feeling joyful, I absolutely revel in the feeling and try to make it last as long as I can. My goal is to find a way to live my life with as much joy as I am able, especially on a day like today, when life is tossing me challenges. In fact, I’m going to take my lemons and make, not lemonade, but lemon meringue pie! Or failing that a big pot of my famous meat sauce and angel hair pasta. I feel better already!



Crescent Moon

The surface of the

Water dances ~

As the wind

Passes by ~

The sky is a

Brilliant blue ~

With tiny wisps

Of cloud ~

Palm trees rustle

In the slight

Cool breeze ~

A bright white

Contrail ~

More than the jet

That precedes it ~

Draws my eye

Upward ~

And in its wake

To my surprise ~

The merest hint

Of an infant

Crescent moon

Appears ~

How lovely ~

I sit in my chair

And gaze up to

The heavens ~

So still I feel, as

I contemplate

My part in this

Cosmic journey

Undertaken by

Us all ~

Filled with a peace

I have never

Felt before ~

At one with

The Universe ~

As I have never

Been before ~

But the moment

Passes and I am

Myself once more ~

Waiting for the

Next moment

Out of time ~



Me on my way out of town. Photo by Anastasia Koros

Tonight as I gazed into

My mirrored eyes

I saw in my reflection

The shape of my skull

Beneath the flesh, and

I saw the pattern

Of my life, and

Perceived the rhythm

Underlying the flow

Of my days.

Perhaps I have gained

A newer perspective

As the years have passed by

Or perhaps I have simply

Learned to recognize

The threads of the patterns,

But whichever way the truth lies

I will follow to the very end.

Deep in the night

The church bell tolls and

Someday it will toll for me




One’s youth is a happier

Time by far

When viewed across the

Safely intervening years

And though my hands

Could build a bridge

To take me back to fev’rish

Passions and swift tears

There is a wisdom which

Comes with age

Gleaned from battles fought

And battles won

That whispers for the heart

Alone to hear

Perfection cannot be

Improved upon