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Turning Point

Clouds above and below DSC_0554The blue of the sky ~
Is reflected intensely
On the surface of the water ~
As are my familiar
Face and body ~
My doppelgänger ~

Clouds above and below ~
I stand balanced here
On the silver line
That separates the two ~
Caught ~ it would seem ~
Between two realities ~

In the eyes of the world
I have already chosen ~
But I think I will decide
What becomes of me ~
I am the only one
Who knows the truth ~

I must choose my
Course of action wisely ~
My destiny rests
On what I do tonight ~



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The Politician

Old Glory

Some I will convince
Against their will
And others will know
From the first
I am right and
My cause is just

If my followers flag
I will quote from
The Bible or blame
The Muslims with
Their Sharia law

Forget we’ve all
Been warned that
The devil can quote
Scripture too

And remember it has
Always been this way
(Or at least since we
Changed the rules
Last week)

For your very own good
We are here to destroy
Your government and
All your ‘entitlements’ too
I promise you’ll be
Grateful in the end

So pay no attention
To the deep dark
Shadows that I cast
(And thank you for
Your generous donation
On your way out)

(Originally published October 31, 2013, but I thought it could stand another airing)


The Observer

Rhorschach test.

Rorschach test.

The tears fall down her cheeks
In groups of twos and threes ~
Like Rorschach patterns of
Dark droplets ~ spattered starkly
On her scarlet satin blouse ~

She doesn’t know I’m watching
And her guard is down ~
I’ve never seen this side
Of her before ~ she’s
Never seemed so fragile ~
Or so very real ~

And as I watch I see
Her shoulders straighten ~
And her posture change ~
From somewhere deep inside
New strength pours in ~

I’ve heard the rumors ~
Though I know I’ll never
Know the truth ~
But one thing that I know ~

Some loves will not
Let go ~ some ties
Cannot be broken and
Some hurts will
Truly never heal ~
And I see all the signs ~


A Storm Of Petals

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

I sit in the midst of
A storm of pink petals ~
Fluttering down from
The cherry trees
Across the way~

A whimsical breeze ~
Threads through the
Branches ~
Pulling the fragile
Blossoms ~
By the
Thousands ~
In its wake ~
And I’m transfixed
And enchanted ~ and
Longing for more ~

Moments like these ~
Lurk around every
Corner ~ invisible
To all but the
Watchful heart ~

For it is through the
Eyes of the heart ~
That Truth and
Beauty are discerned ~