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Air Water Fire Earth

Earth Air Fire Water

I look up into the
Deep blue vault
Of the heavens
And think of the thin skin
Of the atmosphere
The only thing that
Keeps us from the
Dark cold depths of
Space and instant

I stand at the edge
Of the ancient cliff
Looking down at the
Restless ocean
As it crashes and
Breaks against the
Another attempt
In its timeless battle
To take back the land

And later still I sit
Gazing into the fire
Basking in its warmth
Thinking of long ago
Days when I was
A child and Summer
Was forever
And love was ever
A shimmering promise
On the edge of my

I remember the fields
With the sun on them
The ripening grain
The forever rows of corn
Tasseled and shining
Green as the leaves
On the trees
That surrounded
And sheltered our

Thus I recite my litany
Air Water Fire Earth
And I feel the pull of you
As I feel the effects of
The gravity I cannot see

To me you are the most
Elemental of all
Without whom nothing
You are the love of
All my lives

I see the remembrance
Within your eyes as well
And peace and love
Enfold us
We have found each other
At last



What Will We Leave Our Children

beautiful-love-natureAs vile as we
Are beautiful ~
Still ~
I think the
Human race ~
Has earned the
To go on ~

If you judge us
As a whole ~
And not by the
Evil causes
We’ve espoused
From time to time ~

The great majority ~
Though not as
As it once was ~
Is made up
Of those
Just like us ~

Who want the
Same things ~
Feel the same
Emotions ~
Bleed the same
Color ~

Can we not try ~
Here in this
Eleventh hour ~
To choose what
Is best
For us All ~

Will you not
Join together ~
So that our
Will have
Air to breathe ~


Everyday Love

1371087908.jpg Fireflies


We ate dinner in
The garden tonight ~

The candles were
Almost as bright
As the fireflies ~
And the air was
Like warm silk
Upon my skin ~

There was chicken ~
Redolent with herbs ~
And a light crisp
White wine ~ crusty
Bread ~ and tomatoes
Still warm from
The sun ~

We talked with
Our eyes ~
Exchanging the
Occasional buttery
Kiss ~ or tasty morsel ~

We made a memory ~
And I cherish its
Very ordinariness ~

We have had our
High spots and
Our lows ~

But truly it is days
Like this ~ that
Knit the strands of
Our lives together ~


More Than a Fairy Tale

Last Known Location

Last Known Location

There were elements
Of alchemy
Throughout the house ~
The very air was filled
With mystery ~

And in the darkness ~
Deeper shadows lurked
And moved ~
Hinting of matters
Sacred and profane ~

Of secrets too long kept
And far too dangerous ~
Ever to see
The light of day ~

I don’t know
What drew me in ~
How I came to be
Standing as if
Mesmerized ~
But I sense that
It is time
For me to go ~

What was I thinking ~
I should never have
Unlatched the door ~

But as I reach for it
The handle turns ~
And slowly the door
Opens inward toward me ~

And I know my fate
Is sealed ~