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In Celebration of Max

IMG_1912 (1)

All the days and
Weeks and years
Without you ~
How will I survive ~

So much of the time
It was just you and me ~
And I was your world
And you were mine ~

Mommy’s little fur coat
I sometimes called you ~
You were so warm ~
So sleekly soft and beautiful ~

Smart and sweet and loving ~
To hold you against my heart
Was to soothe any ache ~
To hold any fear at bay ~

One of my greatest joys was
To look into your amazing eyes ~
Green and depthless and
Full of an ancient wisdom ~

Anyone who would see God ~
Has only to gaze into the eyes
Of their beloved beast ~ to see
The purity and the innocence

And at the end you trusted me ~
You looked into my eyes
And you licked my arm and
You forgave me ~

I am a better person for
Having loved you ~ and
I will remember you
Always ~

My beloved, gallant little friend, Max Haislip, departed this life on July 10, 2018. And now he has sent me the beautiful Silver, to comfort me and fill in the empty place in my life. I am smitten. Silver is on the fence but I am hopeful.




What Will We Leave Our Children

beautiful-love-natureAs vile as we
Are beautiful ~
Still ~
I think the
Human race ~
Has earned the
To go on ~

If you judge us
As a whole ~
And not by the
Evil causes
We’ve espoused
From time to time ~

The great majority ~
Though not as
As it once was ~
Is made up
Of those
Just like us ~

Who want the
Same things ~
Feel the same
Emotions ~
Bleed the same
Color ~

Can we not try ~
Here in this
Eleventh hour ~
To choose what
Is best
For us All ~

Will you not
Join together ~
So that our
Will have
Air to breathe ~


The Look of Love

tumblr_m6ay3rlMei1rnx591o1_400.jpg golden haired manOnce in a dream
I saw you pass by
On the other side
Of the road

And I thought you
With the sun all golden
In your golden hair

Since then I’ve looked
For you everywhere
Till I began to think
That you were only

A figment of my
Fertile imagination
The ultimate in the
Unobtainable dream

Yet now you’re here
My dream’s come true
And you look at me
As I first looked at you