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Prelude to Passion


The towering clouds
And freshening breeze
Tell of the coming storm

Just so my love
Your grim face
And angry eyes
Betray your mood

You’re looking for a fight
And I’m quite happy to oblige
But while we spar
I’ll bite my lip as
I gaze up at you through
Lowered lashes

Fold my arms
Beneath my breasts
And touch the heart
That hammers almost visibly
Against my skin

Your speech will slow
And silence will engulf us
As the air between us
Heats with promise

I said that
I would fight love
I never said
That I’d fight fair




Will It Be Fight or Flight?

fairy love


The young lovers
Stand close together ~
Though they do
Not ~ quite ~ touch ~

Perhaps they think
Their love a secret ~
Or perhaps they
Just don’t care ~

But either way there
Will be repercussions ~
If the king should hear
Of their affair ~

I must choose now
But that is easy ~
I will ride with him
As I have always done ~

And if you ride
With her ~ then you
Should be prepared ~
We leave at dawn ~

Yes he is young but
He has won my trust ~
And she your loyalty ~
Watch for my signal ~