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Prelude to Passion


The towering clouds
And freshening breeze
Tell of the coming storm

Just so my love
Your grim face
And angry eyes
Betray your mood

You’re looking for a fight
And I’m quite happy to oblige
But while we spar
I’ll bite my lip as
I gaze up at you through
Lowered lashes

Fold my arms
Beneath my breasts
And touch the heart
That hammers almost visibly
Against my skin

Your speech will slow
And silence will engulf us
As the air between us
Heats with promise

I said that
I would fight love
I never said
That I’d fight fair




Royal Dilemma


The silence hums so
Loudly in my ears
I cannot hear the sound
Of my own heart
The heart that I rely on
To guide me through

The very air seems
Preternaturally still
Though I feel it moving
Through my body
I see the rising and the
Falling of my chest

What kind of alchemy
Do you possess
Are you a demon or a
Sorcerer that everyone
Falls prey so swiftly
To your charms

Am I to be the one exception
To the rule
The only citadel to which
You have laid siege
That has not fallen
To your passionate assault

But this is not a game
The stakes I’m playing for
Are higher than they’ve ever been
My heart and the fate of
The kingdom and my people
Hang in the balance

So when I make my choice
I must be guided
By more than love
I must be mindful
Of my duty to my
People and my throne

What shall I do . . .


Forest Destiny

the-Forest-church-2-700x419I’ve never been this
Deep within the forest ~
So I’ve no way to know ~
If silence is the norm
Or if this is unusual ~

I’m sure that I saw
Movement from the
Corner of my eye ~
But when I turn to look
The stillness holds ~

Am I enchanted ~
Or is it the forest ~
My senses are disordered ~
But I sense magic
In the air ~

This is the sort of place
That promises all kinds
Of marvels ~ to those who
Stray within its borders ~
And some will never leave ~

Deeper I travel into the
Secret depths ~ amid the ferny
Spires that edge the path ~
The trees bend closer to
Me as I pass by ~

I have a rendezvous ~ beneath
The oldest and most powerful
Of them all ~ the witch has
Called and I must answer ~
It is my duty and my destiny ~

My shoulders ache beneath
This burden I cannot put down ~
If magic makes an end of me ~
I leave this record of my journey ~
So that the world will know ~

Though I might not have won
The battle ~ I was in the fight ~
I pray you lay my bones in the
Forest where I fell ~
And remember me with honor ~


Ending the Fairy Tale

forlovers3I stand as if transfixed ~
The power of speech
Has left me ~
Is it fear I feel ~ or is it
More anticipation ~

Subconsciously I knew
Of course ~ that I was
On a risky path ~
Perhaps that’s why the
House called out to me
So strongly ~

And now I hear the
House’s heartbeat ~
Or is it mine ~
Deep silence has blocked out
All other sound ~
And as the door swings
Open ~ it takes nothing
From the hush ~

An actual tall dark
Stranger ~ blocks the
Doorway side to side ~
He lifts the lamp he
Carries ~ and scans
My face ~

He takes my hand ~
And lifts it to his lips ~
I’ve been waiting
For you ~
I’m so glad you’re
Here at last ~

My heart has called you
And as you surely see ~
My house could use
A woman’s touch ~

And then he smiles
And I can see ~
This is no stranger ~
I’ve seen his face
In countless dreams ~
Now they’ve come true ~

It was my better angel
Led me here ~ that
We might find our love …

And the house is happy ~

(Thus ends the story which began with: