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If I Were Your Little Dog

If I Were Your Little Dog

If I Were Your Little Dog

(The musings of a man deeply in the dog house)

If I followed you home
Would you keep me ~
Give me a bath and
A nice juicy bone
To chew ~
Tie my topknot
With a little ribbon ~
Whisper words
Of love ~ and hold me
Against your heart ~

And I would be
Your little friend ~
Your comfort when
Your heart was sad ~
So happy just to
See you ~ even if
I see you ~
Ten times a day ~

We would be
Inseparable ~
For the few short
Years we’d have ~
And I would be
Content to be
Your best friend ~

Then I would
Never hurt you ~
As I hurt you now ~
Perhaps it would
Be for the best ~

Or ~ just perhaps ~
You could forgive
Me ~ one more time ~