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A Word to the Wise



Carry yourself
As if you are
Beautiful ~
And gracious
With it ~

A gift of Grace ~
Unearned on any
Earthly scale ~
Yet freely given ~
Yours to accept
Or to deny ~

And whose
Acceptance ~
Freely given
In return ~

Makes you
Beautiful ~
To all the eyes ~
Blessed to
See or sense ~

That inner Truth ~
Which is
True Beauty ~



Early Arrival

Robin in the Snow

Robin in the Snow

A robin perches
On a snow-encrusted
Branch ~
Looking round as if
Bewildered ~

No landmarks to be
Seen ~ in the white
Unbroken coverlet ~
Of snow ~

And as he sits
He seems to don ~
A cloak made up
Of sparkling flakes ~
That whirl like a
Tiny snow squall ~
As he takes flight ~

I hope Whoever
Keeps his eye
Upon the sparrow ~

Watches over
Robins too ~


Song of the Universe

The Universe

The Universe

I stand on the edge
Of the precipice ~
And shout my poems
Into the abyss ~
I sing my songs
To the night ~
And the Universe
Sings back to me ~

I rise into the night ~
To join the stars
In the heavens ~
And as I journey onward ~
I notice all the voices
On each world are singing
But a single note ~

And the faster I go and
The farther ~ the more
The notes blend together ~

I hear the “music
Of the spheres” ~ beloved
Of Pythagoras ~ a Greek
Philosopher ~ to whom
I am now connected ~
Across more than two
Thousand years ~ by this
Celestial sound and
Light show ~

My heart is pounding ~
I am breathless and
Ecstatic ~ as I join my
Voice to all the others ~
And there in the vast and
Empty depths of space ~
I am a part of it all ~