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Royal Revenge

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess

You no longer need her ~
Your warrior princess ~
The whole world knows
That you’ve moved on ~

What they seem all
To have forgotten is ~
The woman scorned sits
Now upon the throne ~

She has not forgiven ~
Nor will she forget ~
He should run
While he’s still able ~
It’s the only chance
That he will get ~

She will hunt him
Like a wild thing ~
And will punish him
With no remorse ~

Though later she
May weep ~ beside
His funeral pyre ~


This Is Not Over

My Armor No Protection

My Armor No Protection

In the background Riccardo
Cocciante sings “Per Lei” ~
And it moves me to the depths
Of my soul as it always does ~
Cool and deep and running
Like a river of emotion ~

I am lulled and utterly defenseless ~
As pain ~ sharp as any dagger ~
Slips between my ribs ~ piercing
To the very heart of me ~ my
Armor no protection against
Its passionate assault ~ and
Even though you are not here ~
I am helpless before you again ~
As I was last time we met ~

Why do I torture myself this way ~
Building the pain till I almost
Burst ~ knowing that I cannot cry ~
Why do I court Death so avidly ~

Do I seek to destroy the heart
Whose loyalty you used against me ~
It should be you that I destroy ~
But I your victim cannot bring
Myself to be my own avenger ~
Because I love you still ~
Against my better judgment
And with no care for safety ~

I am a fool and you know how
To use me ~ Damn your eyes! ~

(Listen to Per Lei @


Is It Biology?


Perhaps the craving
That I feel for you
Is simply Nature’s way ~
Of making certain
That the human race
Continues ~

As for myself
I have my doubts ~

The raw desire that
Floods my every cell ~
And all the molecules of
Which I am comprised ~
Has naught to do
With science ~ and
All to do with lust ~

So I’ve an itch that
You can scratch ~
If you’ve a mind to ~
Let’s keep it simple
Shall we now ~
No promises
No long goodbyes ~

And we will drink
To one another ~
When we remember ~


Self Immolation

images.jpg mermaidMy feelings burn
From the inside out ~
Searing themselves
Into the page ~

My heart is beating
Like a wild thing
In my breast ~
And I don’t know if ~
I want it all to stop
Or to go on ~

If this torment is love ~
Then why is it so
Fervently desired ~

Why would one choose
To yearn and ache and
Skate the very edge
Of madness ~ for the
Sake of the Beloved ~

And I am caught as
Surely ~ as any sailor
By a Siren’s song ~

I can’t ~ I won’t ~
Give up this wild
Intoxication ~
This sweet
Exhilaration ~

I am undone ~
What shall
Become of me ~
And do I even care ~

I burn with love ~
Just as the poets said ~
And what is more
I lit the torch myself ~

My eyes are
Open wide ~
I know the score ~
And I will risk it all
For love ~


A Toss of the Dice

HD-Fantasy-Wallpaper-148I was a fool to think ~
That I would be unmarked
By our encounter ~

It was no random meeting
There are no such events ~
Nor was coincidence
An option either ~

I must believe
It was my destiny ~

But is it our destiny?
Only time will tell ~
Some passions are fated
To remain unquenched ~
Some flames were
Never meant to burn ~

What are our cosmic odds
My love – what will it be ~
Do you feel lucky
Today ~