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Portland Sunset

Riverplace overcast

Riverplace overcast

Another gray-white day ebbs quietly away.

As if by habit, the streetlights blink on,

Softening the hard edges of the coming dark.

Along the crests of the distant western hills,

The clouds ride low and sullen in the sky.

Then suddenly they part to reveal the sun,

Blazing in scarlet and orange against

The pale, dull backdrop of the fading day.

And as the sunset colors die away,

The neon glows and flows and blooms,

Like flowers along the path of Night.




Do I run because I am afraid ...

Do I run because I am afraid …

A wave of panic fear

Sweeps over me,

Sudden and so intense

It takes my breath away.

It is as if each tiny

Hair upon my body,

Each separate pore of skin,

Reacts with an urgency

I have never known before.

All of my instincts for


Surge to the fore.

And I ask myself,

Do I run because

I am afraid,

Or am I afraid

Because I run?

But there is no reply

As I am swallowed up

By darknessā€¦..


Morning Miracle

Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

It rained in the small hours of the night,

And once again the world is fresh and clean.

The sweet breath of morning drifts into my room.

A bird is singing somewhere near outside.

The sun was awake before me,

Lavishly sharing his early morning gold.

I can hear the grass grow and the flowers bloom

How glad I am to be alive today!