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Diminishing Returns

Will this be my path without you?

I have whittled down my life

Into ever smaller pieces ~

I have carved away the bits

That are easily spared and still ~

I find unnecessary parts to rid

Myself of ~ things that I will never

Miss ~ and then there’s you ~

I don’t know what to do with you ~

Do you end up in the discard pile

Where things that disappoint me go ~

Or will I make excuses for you

As I have always done before ~

Give you one more chance to be

The man we both need you to be ~

Perhaps it’s just that you have

Come to the end of my rope ~

And perhaps you won’t be able

To hold on ~ I hope you can ~

Save us ~ make me feel your love

Make my love for you live again ~



When A Flame Dies

I am become invisible
As I walk among the crowds ~
They do not see me ~

Tell me, if no one sees me
Do I exist ~ am I really here ~
If I fell in the forest
Or on a city street ~
Would anyone see or hear
Or even know ~

I am lost ~ I am a face
In a crowd that knows me not
At all ~ and when my light
Has flickered and died away ~
Will this world be one iota darker ~

These thoughts plague me
Late at night ~ when I am weary
And my strength is
At its lowest ebb ~

Then I rouse myself ~
Blow on the cooling ember
Of my fondest dream ~
And make myself
Believe in me again ~