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He passed me at the
Bus stop yesterday ~
On a lovely day in
Early spring ~ deeply
Engaged in a spirited
Conversation with
Someone named Rachel ~
Although he seemed
To be alone and sans
The usual earbuds ~

Bending down in the midst
Of his rambling tale ~
He picked up a crumpled
Plastic wrapper ~ and
Tossed it contemptuously
Toward the oncoming traffic ~
Not noticing when it landed
Far short of its target ~

Reaching the corner ~ he
Made a sudden lurch
To the left ~ and continued on ~
Still stopping to transfer
The occasional piece of trash ~
From sidewalk to street ~

And I wondered if he had
A home to go to ~
Someone who cared ~
Or if ~ ironically ~
He was himself considered ~
By the System he defied ~
Just a piece of trash ~ to be
Transferred and forgotten ~

And my heart ached ~



Spoiler Alert! Raw Grief Ahead

Your space in the Universe CHtOPOoWsAABFUs

They are burning his
Beautiful body today ~

The fact that he is gone
And no longer using it ~
And that it was his wish ~
Does nothing to blur
The pain of knowing ~ that
I will never touch him again ~

Never hear that familiar
Laugh ~ or see him flash
That irresistible grin ~
All that bright beauty ~
Reduced to bits of
Bone and ash ~

His voice is quieted ~
His generous heart
And hands are stilled ~
A part of me rejoices
At his transition ~ his
Graduation to the big time ~

But part of me cannot
Believe he’s gone ~
I am bereft that I must live
In a world without him ~

And while I fight my way
Through to acceptance ~
I pray for strength
To carry on ~

(In loving memory of a truly remarkable and unforgettable friend, gone too soon)

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At the Pleasure of the King

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The chill of
The early morning air
Is a shock to my senses ~
After the warmth
Of the day before ~

The mist is rising
Slowly ~ into the
Leafy canopy above ~
The trees murmur quietly
Among themselves ~
While underneath
Their stern impartiality
And sheltering branches ~
The futures of nations
Are decided ~

As are our own fates
It would appear ~
Swept up in the
Wake of this long
And bloody war ~
Whether we will it
Or no ~

For kings decree ~
And knights will
Fight ~ and yeomen
Die ~ and peasants
And their crops
Will be safe
From none ~

And I will lose my
Beauty ~ and you
Your youth ~ and maybe
A limb or an eye ~
[God save the King!] ~

And Gods keep the
Kings ~ and all their
Princes ~
Far away from us ~

For mortal men enmesh
Themselves in the affairs
Of Kings ~ at mortal peril
To their safety and their
Peace of mind ~

(Originally published July 24, 2013)


To Those Who Wait

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I never had the fairy tale ~
My happily ever after was a
Dream that passed me by ~
Yet still I waited ~

And all along the seed
Of doubt within me grew ~
Beside the spark of hope
My tears could not put out ~

Now I have found you ~
And all that went before
Is gone and soon forgotten ~
Now I must make a choice ~

If it is selfish to think
Of myself first ~
For the first time ~
Then I am selfish ~

And why is it that
No one ever tells you ~
How good it feels ~
How light and free ~

This is the first time
I have wanted to do battle ~
To hold onto what is mine ~
To fight for you and me ~

It’s so exhilarating
I feel that I could fly ~
The waiting is over ~
At last ~




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I watch you from within
The heart of the possibilities ~
Floating in a sea of choices ~
Dizzy with anticipation ~

I haven’t felt this giddy
In so long I can’t remember ~
It’s delicious and I’d like to
Stay here all the time ~

I don’t know if it’s love
Or just infatuation ~
It could be a case of
Premature spring fever ~

But if this buzzy
Discombobulated state
I’m in is what I think ~
Then bring it on ~
I promise I’ll have no regrets ~

My passions have dissolved
My self-control ~
And I have waited for
This moment all my life ~

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Quiet Reflection

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The shimmering frosty silence ~
Is music to my ears ~
The muted and infrequent
Sounds of traffic ~ seem
Long ago and far away ~
As you are ~

I can’t believe so many years
Have come and gone ~
Moments become decades
In the beating of a heart ~
And even now the memory
Of the love we made still
Takes my breath away ~

And you have been gone
So long now ~
I count the time and still
Can’t quite believe ~
Until I look into the mirror ~
And see the me I
Have become ~

I’ve changed so much ~
I’m not sure that you’ll know me
When we meet once more ~
But I will know you ~
All young and beautiful and
Made of purest light ~

I pray love
You will remember me ~


Deep Field of Dreams

My spirit speaks
The silent Universal
Language of love
And yearning


Trapped as surely
As any goldfish
In its tiny bowl
I recognize the irony

And the joy of
Beholding all the wonders
Hubble has to offer
In glorious living color

Along with the knowing
I will not last the tens
Of scores of years
Required to reach them


(Above image: The new version of Hubble’s deep image. In dark grey you can see the new light that has been found around the galaxies in this field. That light corresponds to the brightness of more than one hundred billion suns.
Credit: A. S. Borlaff et al.