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Scorched Earth

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I call your name
For the third time ~
You turn your head ~
Your face as white
As the pages that
Tremble in your hands ~
And I know we have lost ~

Deep in my heart I knew
She’d never let you go ~
You were her trophy ~
Her prize possession ~
And she is as greedy
As she is beautiful ~
We never stood a chance ~

It sounds so reasonable ~
So civilized in black and white ~
The party of the first part ~
Will flay alive the party of the
Second part ~ while the party
Of the third part ~ stands
Helplessly by and weeps ~

There is no mercy to be had ~
No reprieve ~ only utter
Capitulation to her demands ~
Your return to the fold
And a loveless future ~ or
She promises your little
Ones will pay the price ~

When they talk of hostages
To fortune ~ they speak
More truly than they know ~
Your eyes tell me what I
Already know ~ and I cannot
Blame you ~ what loving
Parent could do otherwise ~

But it is hard ~



I’ll Always Wonder

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A whisper of light ~
Is softening the edges ~
Of another long and
Lonely sleepless night ~

Another sunrise ~ and
Another day that
I will face alone ~ just
As you predicted ~

I’m still not sure
Exactly why you left me ~
There was no quarrel
You just slipped away ~

Between one heartbeat and
Another you were gone ~
And I am left to wonder
What I could have done ~

So here I am ~ sadder
But no wiser ~ and what
Does not kill me simply
Breaks my aching heart ~


The Sacrifice

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Was it my breast ~
Which barely grazed your arm ~
Or was it you ~ who
Initiated the subtle contact ~
The small caress ~

I guess it doesn’t matter ~
But I do know it was that
Unexpected touch ~ which
Ignited the conflagration
That flared between us ~
Destroying the careful
Balance we had maintained ~
Until that fateful moment ~

For you are no more
Free to love than I ~
And there are hearts aplenty
To be broken ~ should we not
Turn our backs and deny
This ill judged passion ~

So far no lines have been crossed ~
No words said we cannot take back ~
But if we would both keep
The promises we have made ~
The vows unbroken and
Our honor still intact ~

This moment we have not
Acknowledged ~ must be
The only one we are allowed ~

Our eyes meet for the first
And last time ~ in this reality
We will never have or even speak of ~
But we will remember ~


Lenten Rose

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Sheltering among the shy
Hellebore blooms ~
In a time that was not yet spring ~
And yet not winter either ~
I knelt and looked into the
Faces of the flowers ~

They were turning their
Beauty away from the sun ~
As I had not seen others
Of their kind do ~
And I was thereupon intrigued ~

I found that Hellebores are
Also called the Lenten Rose ~
One of the earliest promises
That spring will come again ~
Made in a language each one
Of us can understand ~



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I have a great and
Terrible power
Deep inside me ~
To change the shape
Of things to come ~

I keep it hidden ~
Under iron control ~
For with this gift ~
There comes as well
A great responsibility ~

I cannot remember
When I did not know ~
The path my destiny
Would have me tread ~
I was spared nothing ~

I knew I would find you ~
Love you ~ lose you ~
Across every lifetime
I have ever known ~
And that the choice
Was always mine ~
The burden one that
I could not put down ~

You ask if it is for
Duty ~ or for honor ~
That I hold true ~
I tell you it is neither ~
It is the echoes of ecstasy ~
Experienced in
Each of my existences ~
When I have been with you ~


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All Four Hands

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You stand here before me ~
Your heart in your eyes ~
And your hat gripped in your
Honest work-scarred hands ~
And I don’t know what to say ~

I didn’t see this coming ~
However mature for your age
You may be ~ still
The years between us
Are no small matter ~

Yet there is my own heart
To take into account ~
It has been pulling me
In your direction ~ unawares ~
For some time now ~

And so I find myself ~
Blushing and confused
As an innocent young girl ~
I know I must take the time
To think things through ~

But if I would be honest too ~
I am inclined to think
We just may both get lucky ~
As we reach for happiness with
Both hearts and all four hands ~


Sweet Dreams


I dreamt I was floating down
A placid stream in a tiny boat ~
Garlanded with flowers and
Escorted by birds ~
Singing their loveliest
And most melodic tunes ~

Dappled sunlight and fragrance
Surrounded me ~ as we passed
Fields full of wildflowers
With the butterflies and
Bees at work upon them ~
And I marveled at their beauty ~
So effortless and natural and right ~

And as I traveled onward ~
I began to wonder if my journey
Had a purpose ~ and if so
What it could be ~ and
When I would arrive ~

And still I floated calmly on ~
Patiently waiting
For what would come next ~
So unlike me I thought ~
Even then ~ drifting along
In my soft gauzy daydream ~
Through the Technicolor day ~

I will always wonder
If the noise of an engine revving ~
Just outside my window ~
Was total accident ~ or
Part of some celestial plan
To keep me guessing
At my destination ~

The Universe has Such
A quirky sense of humor