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Joy in the Morning

Porch Smothered in Roses

One minute I am
Balancing my checkbook ~
The next I am standing
On a childhood porch ~
Smothered in pink
Sweetheart roses ~
Smelling like the
Dawn of all creation ~

I can almost feel ~
The delicate touch of the
Early morning air ~
Cool against my skin ~

It feels as if there’s
Birdsong in my veins ~
My knees and elbows tingle ~
In that one moment
It all comes flooding back ~
Those magic moments
From my youth ~
When I was most alive ~

Even then ~
I must have
Realized those times
Were special ~ meant
To be stored away ~
So that they could
Be taken out ~
Unwrapped ~
Remembered ~
Savored ~

I am so grateful
For the kindness and
The foresight ~
Of a Universe which
Gives such lovely gifts
On a Monday morning ~



As the Universe breathes in
So too do I
For we are One
The surety of it
The knowing
Delights and soothes my soul

This is where I have
Always longed to be
Where I belong
And I am soaring high
So high above the clouds
That hide the sun
And into the blue and
The brilliance
My first experience
Of freedom

I will never return to Earth
Nor obey your rules
And even should my freedom
Turn out to be illusion
Still I have tasted it
And real or no
It makes no difference
For I have thrown off
All my shackles
And live or die I will be free

From out of nowhere
A fire begins inside
That threatens
To consume me
Burn me to ashes and beyond
If such a thing could be

And it occurs to me belatedly
That freedom is an undertaking
Fraught with danger


A Tribute to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dr Wayne W DyerAh so that is why
The Universe felt empty
For a moment
When I awoke today

This world contained
Your earthly presence
And then
In a heartbeat
It did not

And we are poorer
For your loss
But we are richer
Still by far
Because you lived
Among us
Shared our struggles
In the trenches
And spread the knowledge
That you gained there
With joyous generosity

And I have lost a friend

Although we never met
Here in the flesh
Your heart and mind
Have spoken to me
In the place where
Hearts and minds can
Meet and mingle and
Complete each other

And so my friend
I celebrate your life
And I congratulate you
On your graduation

Have fun!


The Greatest Force

df63db6e5025405f8e911afc38191e31.jpg How I See LoveLove can make us
Finer than we are
True love
Can make us
Finer still

“Love is patient
Love is kind”
They tell us
But they do not
Tell us
That true love
Can burn away
The blinders from
The lover’s eyes

Hearts and souls
Filled up with love
Crowd out all
Baser feelings
As the Light
Destroys the
In its loving

The only force
In all the Universe
Against which
There is no
Is love


Song of the Universe

The Universe

The Universe

I stand on the edge
Of the precipice ~
And shout my poems
Into the abyss ~
I sing my songs
To the night ~
And the Universe
Sings back to me ~

I rise into the night ~
To join the stars
In the heavens ~
And as I journey onward ~
I notice all the voices
On each world are singing
But a single note ~

And the faster I go and
The farther ~ the more
The notes blend together ~

I hear the “music
Of the spheres” ~ beloved
Of Pythagoras ~ a Greek
Philosopher ~ to whom
I am now connected ~
Across more than two
Thousand years ~ by this
Celestial sound and
Light show ~

My heart is pounding ~
I am breathless and
Ecstatic ~ as I join my
Voice to all the others ~
And there in the vast and
Empty depths of space ~
I am a part of it all ~


Yes, Wings

In my dreams

In my dreams

The music stirs my soul
I just can’t help it ~
Not even if I wanted to ~

I close my eyes and
Spread my wings ~
Yes wings!
And I begin to fly ~

I feel my feathers
Moving in the wind ~
I feel the sun upon my back ~
And I am in another world
Where woe can never find me ~

But I am not alone ~
I am never alone ~
We are never alone ~

For the Universe ~ or God
Or Primal Mind ~ or
Whatever other Name
You put to It ~ resides
Within us ever ~ and
It is not what we must
Learn ~
To be wise ~
It is what we must unlearn ~

To return to the Source
Of us all ~ to what we
Knew Before this life ~
To what we will Know
Again ~

I love you all ~


Free Spirit

As I truly am

As I truly am

The stars call out my name ~
In alien tongues I don’t
Know how I understand ~
The sickle moon smiles
Down on me ~ and
Dawn is hours away ~

Accountable to no man
While I sleep ~
These hours are mine ~
The only time I can
Be truly who I am ~
A work in progress still ~

Clay-footed when my
Soul desires to soar ~
Yet I press on ~
My progress may at times
Seem nonexistent ~
But I keep the flame of
Faith alive ~ through
Every trial that besets me ~

For I have learned
While on my journey ~
That God ~
And the Universe ~
Help those
Who help themselves ~