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Psalm 151


Oh I have walked
By the peaceful waters ~
And I have heard
The forest’s call ~

I have climbed heights
And plumbed depths ~
I have loved and lost ~
And I have loved
Anyway ~

I have tasted fear
And burned with rage ~
I have known hatred
And still have chosen love ~

These eyes have seen
My baby born
And my father die ~
I have watched the
Day dawn
And the sun set ~
And I have seen the Light ~

Now I see the patterns
And the characters
More clearly ~

I am adept at reading signs ~
Accumulating knowledge ~
For what future purpose
I cannot even guess ~

But in a Universe
Which operates with such
Minute attention
To detail ~
I have no doubt that
All will be revealed ~


(Originally published March 19, 2012)


Ending the Fairy Tale

forlovers3I stand as if transfixed ~
The power of speech
Has left me ~
Is it fear I feel ~ or is it
More anticipation ~

Subconsciously I knew
Of course ~ that I was
On a risky path ~
Perhaps that’s why the
House called out to me
So strongly ~

And now I hear the
House’s heartbeat ~
Or is it mine ~
Deep silence has blocked out
All other sound ~
And as the door swings
Open ~ it takes nothing
From the hush ~

An actual tall dark
Stranger ~ blocks the
Doorway side to side ~
He lifts the lamp he
Carries ~ and scans
My face ~

He takes my hand ~
And lifts it to his lips ~
I’ve been waiting
For you ~
I’m so glad you’re
Here at last ~

My heart has called you
And as you surely see ~
My house could use
A woman’s touch ~

And then he smiles
And I can see ~
This is no stranger ~
I’ve seen his face
In countless dreams ~
Now they’ve come true ~

It was my better angel
Led me here ~ that
We might find our love …

And the house is happy ~

(Thus ends the story which began with: